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Friday, August 19, 2011

Yankee Power

This will not be popular to some.
Now how can I let that change my viewpoint?
I cannot.

My official comments on our state's Vermont Yankee.
Thanks again to Meredith Angwin for keeping me scientifically informed.

I am a Vermonter who would like to comment regarding Docket 7742

regarding the purchase of New Hampshire generated nuclear power

to replace Vermont produced nuclear power.

I understand the motivations for power companies to desire to do this.

However, this action directly affects the futures of many Vermonters in highly skilled jobs,

contributes to erosion of the tax base,

and causes fear in the towns where these Vermont Nuclear workers live.

I am pro nuclear energy produced in Vermont and have to write in support of Vermont products before out of state products, if cost, quality, and sensibility dictates.

Please consider my comments as a Vermont citizen and consumer of electricity.

Mary Gerdt

Monkton, Vermont


  1. well i am anti-nuclear power, not in that i don't think it can't be done- but in that i don't think mankind is careful enough with construction. (Japan, 3-mile, Russia and the nuclear submarine still underwater off the coast of HI)

    They keep screwing up. I think about New Orleans/Katrina, they couldn't even get THAT one right.

    I do see a need for alternative energy, and am thrilled it is my son's passion. Today's generation will find the way.

  2. Thanks Sherry, for your comments and opinions. This is a case VT power companies are buying nuclear power from New Hampshire (due to fear of VT plant being shut down) and Vermonters could lose jobs. The plant is here, it is safe and the employees are conscientious. I understand about the scumbag factor. Unfortunately that is pervasive wherever money is to be had. Have a great weekend and best wishes to your son who will make all this better!

  3. if the plant is already there... geez? we don't need more job losses. and if you can buy power in your own state then you should!

    i'm a big state rights person (and believe the state should be as self-sufficient as possible.

    let new hampshire take care of themselves and vt keep their own plant open.

  4. Yes, it is a tangled story. I follow Meredith Angwin's nuclear blog for the science. Thanks for being ever-open-minded :>

  5. We have to be open minded or we will be like Congress.

    Unable to get shit done.

  6. Sherry, you cut through to the root of the issue...bravo! Have a marvellous week! Mary


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