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Thursday Throwback to Another Time & Place 
Mom’s Typed Poem
Ad for Parents 
By Edgar A. Guest
God I miss her so ❤️

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

After Awhile


first draft
by Mary E. Gerdt
After Awhile

After Awhile,
Things will be better,

Time will have passed,
Regrets will have faded,

Sorrows will dry after
The crying,

You will feel better,
Not like your dying.

After while,
When your back home

And safe in your place
Where you can roam,

And be one with nature,
Feel carefree again,

After awhile,
When we are older,

And we are settled,
And we are bolder,

We’ll reach for the sky,
Like we did before,

We’ll lose all our fear,
That closes the door.

After awhile,
The sorrow will fade,

That tugs at our heart strings,
That God alone made,

To keep us as humans, not a machine,
Who is hurt by a word, or an unkind deed.

Who heals when times get better and then,
Who bleeds and cries when losing a friend.

No mechanical device, we are flesh and blood,
And tears that we cry,
Rain down from above,
And fall from our faces down to the ground,
And wash off the fairies who watch us and frown,
Sad at all of our earthly emotions,
They stay close at hand when you’re feeling so lonely.

Never think you are alone in the middle of the night,
Or think your small world is causing a fright,
Open up and see the rest of the world
Is on your doorstep and ready to right,

All the bad ills and bad feelings you have,
May you see a world not so bad.
When you are feeling fear and evil intentions,
Look at a flower and its simple invention,

It is not so simple after all,
The flower can lift spirits after a fall,
The scent takes us to places long gone,
With the passing of time,
After while,
Sorrow will be done.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Patient Pleads Letter to Virginia Lawmakers

This morning I woke up to excruciating pain in my left thumb 
It feels like razor blades, or a hatchet, 
Sometimes like a Nail, 18 penny at least
I was hoping to make an illicit purchase of cannabis 
Legal in the State of Vermont, my home of 35 years
The state we were taxed out of, we moved to Virginia 
Here, where Cannabis is Illegal 
Medical is sort of legal, plans for low thc oil to be sold once Dispensary’s Open
If you have a license, card, Doctor’ Note
Saying you have excruciating pain of Multiple Sclerosis 
I couldn’t get all that right now
When a Sledge Hammer is pounding my thumb.
So I got Scammed
By a Scumball
Thanks to my Stupidity 
And Vulnerability 
To Laws that keep me from obtaining 
Relief, as a Responsible Adult Disabled Retired Nurse
With a railroad spike in my thumb.
To that scumball who scammed me,
There’s a special place in hell for you.
For my mission to obtain access to pain relief,
I wrote a letter to my new congressman 
Thanks to NORML for a link.
I added my two cents at the end of the form letter

As your constituent, I urge you to support Senate Bill 1557, to expand the limited medical cannabis oil program.

The measure would allow Virginia’s licensed practitioners to recommend and pharmaceutical processors to dispense full therapeutic-strength medical cannabis oil.

Previously enacted legislation that sought to provide patients with access to a small subset of medical cannabis oils with limited therapeutic potential is not sufficiently addressing patients’ needs. Many patients will still resort to federal interstate drug trafficking or to the illicit market to obtain medical cannabis therapies with the required cannabinoid ratios. Current law provides no in-state, standardized source for full therapeutic-strength cannabis medicines and leaves far too many patients suffering needlessly. Virginia patients deserve safe, regulated access to full therapeutic-strength medical cannabis medicines at our licensed pharmaceutical processors.

Please support SB 1557.
Addendum: I have Extraordinary Pain from Multiple Sclerosis.
I moved to Virginia from Vermont where I was allowed to use Medical Cannabis
I have been dry since October
I find myself in extreme pain some days
I have begun application for Medical Cannabis in Virginia but the Application process is very difficult. I need to get Virginia drivers license and convince my Doctors that Medical Cannabis helps my pain. Virginia apparently not ready for Medical Cannabis, available just north of the Virginia Border in Washington DC! But Not to Me.
I’m suffering.
So bad I just tried to buy Cannabis online and was just scammed out of about $500 to a fake pot salesman. He used my Vulnerable stupidity to rob me of bitcoin.
I’m still in pain and now $500 is gone.
Yes, I’m that desperate.
Why do I have to suffer?
Food for thought.

Pain is...

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Why, Again

Why, Again 

Repeat from 2012 blog post...😎

why we blog

and you should too
What you say, see, think, hear or believe,
is shared by at least one if not a billion people
if even one says 
well done
the energy of the message, that you formulate,
compose, devise,
then respond,
and publish,
that energy is precious
in spite of
sometimes glaring typos you cannot see until the next day,
and even then,
it is your blog.
it is OK.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Utopian Dreams

Putting all my mentions of Utopia in one place...

Thanks Thread Reader App for your great service ! 
Hope my readers support you and use your invaluable service

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Friday Night Musik

A Favorite of mine
Link From Joe Bonamassa YouTube Channel 
The Ballad Of John Henry


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