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Travelogue for the Universe: Parler Went Dark rerun Social Media Winter Brrr πŸ₯Ά

Travelogue for the Universe: Parler Went Dark:   Forget the 7th. Andy Ngo took video of BLM ✊🏿 In NYC. and the New York Times said God is Dead JFK Speech reminds me Center’s medical. The...

Stardate 1.14.2021 Next thing I knew, Parler was still dark.

Next thing I knew, Simon Peakes was being Cancelled by YouTube

His website offline.
My support groups dwindling 
My entertaining friends, 
Virtual conversation about pretty much anything.
No more.
Silicon Valley has Spoken! 

Parler still dark 1.14.21

Twitter Political Contributions At 

Open Secrets

Long Ago and Far Away


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Was hoping if I couldn’t get you interested in rare earth elements

The human slavery and environmental devastation might shake you up πŸ†™ 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Travelogue for the Universe: 50 Years ago plus a few

JFK speech 
He was so wise.

The day he was assassinated: I posted awhile ago 😒
Travelogue for the Universe: 50 Years ago today: I was 5 years old. Mom and Dad must have been at work. My kindergarten was 3 houses down from our house. Somehow I ended up with Mrs. K...

Monday, January 11, 2021

Parler Went Dark


Forget the 7th.
Andy Ngo took video of BLM ✊🏿 In NYC.
and the New York Times said God is Dead
JFK Speech reminds me
Center’s medical.
The bastards killed him.
This is why.

The 60’s generation I envied so much. Your freedom, self expression, music, drugs, rock and roll.
The generation born with parents who lived through the Depression, the Wars, 1 and 2. Did people just forget 1? Once 2 came along?
Then Vietnam. My tears when David left. I was 9. Every night Walter came on and gave the death count. Was David one?
I sobbed with the neighbor Mrs. Kuethe, and Mr. my adopted grandparents when Kennedy was assassinated, gunned down in his prime. That was a pivot point. I shared his speech again
I cried again.
Mom typed letters about ddt, and many causes. She and Dad expected us to be Democrats. I was. 
Over the years realistically I haven’t seen major differences between Rep‘s and Dem’s. Both make speeches, raise money with strings...Both tell truths and white lies and lies. Everyone does. Not every lie is catastrophic. Some are.
Mom tested me over the phone. Who are you voting for? It was hard to hide but I lied. Clinton was the last Dem I voted for. I became part of the silent majority. 
When we wanted to separate our part of the farm, we had a 5 year court battle that nearly killed me and Fred. We fought for our piece and eventually settled. The townspeople were divided. Some hated us with a visceral hate, it went out of court,back and forth, you know the quagmire of Hell. 
A few years later the town put our piece up for auction for paying $8,000 property taxes 9 months late. They only told Fred. They put a notice in the paper. They used our old lawyer from the 80’s to proceed. They wanted a swamp lot we had for part of Raven Ridge preserve. They didn’t simply ask. I found out when I saw my TSA had $10,000 missing... 8k plus 2 k penalties. I screamed at Fred. He finally told me he paid the taxes the day of the sale. If he hadn’t, the bank would have foreclosed and we could not have dug out of that.
My name is second on the deed. It cost me a lot of Money and 5 years to get that. I was mad at Fred at first. Then realized I am an Owner. They purposely did not notice me. I’m a woman.They violated my Constitutional rights. The town government was all progressives and liberals. Nobody fessed up. The newspaper was liberal led. They ignored my request to get a copy  the auction ad that I never saw but all my Medicaid clients in the county saw.
It was frankly embarrassing. Why?? I’ve blogged extensively about property taxes and town meeting and my experience with seeing bullies in the  Democratic and Progressive parties only they have “a higher purpose “?
I agree on so many aspects associated w Democrats.
I also see the dark side on both. 
I worked in State government 8 years. It really is a machine. D or R.
Incremental changes. Give and take. Right and left. Accelerator and brakes.
Along comes Trump.
I’m not going to go into a many of reasons I resonate with him. 
Obama and Hillary never talked to me. Trump did.
Hilary called me from the basket of Deplorables. That sealed the deal.
Newspapers with liberal bias help form public opinions. NYT, Washington Post et al have absolutely put out propaganda. Believe it or not.
Trump upset the whole Apple cart.
D and R were not getting the usual powers when their guys are in.
He forged ahead.
Cut taxes in middle class, eliminated some regulations which made it easier to succeed in businesses. Think of all the consultants who wouldn’t be hired to sort out complicated  tax law and regulations?
I don’t agree with fracking and have been vocal about it. 
Vermont Democrats allowed a Canadian pipeline to be put through Vermont sourced in Alberta. Peter Shumlin greased the wheels. I wrote a lot about that. It coincided with Nuclear power plant being forced to close. Solar Panels all the rage. I recently found out China mines most of Rare Earth elements for solar, using Uigher slaves and ruining the environment. China is a very bad actor. 
Trump went up against them. 
I have a Ukrainian friend whose Dad Nik Shmatko was a very talented sculptor/artist. Nik and I corresponded. Rafael his son told me about Hunter Biden taking $50,000 a month from Burisma and Joe encouraged violence against police when VP. Imperialist.  They loved Trump like I did. He shook up the place. Nik had a prophetic vision that Trump would be in office 3 terms. Nik died this year from kidney failure. They wouldn’t even send an ambulance let alone a transplant. He made $60 a month government pension. He sculpted a beautiful bust of Melania and Donald. She is knock dead gorgeous. She’s been snubbed by every magazine, newspapers other women. She works constantly, especially with children and you never see it publicized. She speaks 7 languages and people say she’s lying. The whole family has been maligned, insulted and demonized by people some of whom don’t believe in God (that’s their choice but without God, there can be no demons) Yin and Yang ☯️ 
The latest Vanity Fair ran a story about Ivanka and Jared Kushner that they would have to get the stink off and their friends were leaving them.
Lies in print. They’re so used to that it doesn’t work. 
Jared helped broker Peace in the Middle East and won an award. Peace in Israel, even for a day is a miracle. He planted an Olive Tree with Netanyahu. It was not in the papers or news.
About last Wednesday.
Trump never said to go invade the Capital. He asked for them to be peaceful. When he denounced the violence his Twitter was suspended by Jack. You never saw it.
There were about a million people at that protest. 75 million voted for Trump.
A few really bad thugs went in a invaded the Capital 
 The security was absurdly inadequate. They knew people were coming.
Everyone inside the fence should have been rounded up and arrested. It didn’t happen. Cameras everywhere. A few arrests.
None of the peaceful people outside the fence were acknowledged to be peaceful and believed the Election had irregularities and that no judge would listen to the Evidence, Pelosi McConnell both refused any evidence to be presented. You never saw the unconstitutional state rules changed without ratification as is required. Republican ballot watchers forced to stand far away. Then told to go home for sleep and counting proceeded. You never heard that.
The media didn’t want you to hear the evidence.
Yes he’s a brash rude blustery New York Businessman.
He loves the USA 
He spoke to us disillusioned by both parties.
Libertarians like me. 
I was Denied my constitutional right to be notified when the town put my farm (in family 100 years) up for sale. Nobody even cared.
A lawyer wisely told me it would cost more than $10k and the town would only get up on the stand and lie.
Our experiences mold us.
We Deplorables were heard for the first time.
He talks to us until he got his voice removed, by the companies he threatened by wanted to reverse 230, liability protection for Twitter and Facebook in exchange for them not being an editor of content.
Twitter began a purge Wednesday. Trump, his lawyers, conservative leaders. News people conservatives, regular people, even catturd lost thousands of followers at a time. People’s tweets were excised.
It’s revenge on Trump. He’s a threat to them. 
That’s all for now.
I’m glad you wrote.
I have a hard time arguing out loud. 
We all need to come together.
Impeachment is such a waste when work needs to get done.
Sharing a cartoon from the Washington Post.
They depicted Republicans by name as rats. Nobody said much, but me.
Goebbels did the same tactics.
Also the statues artistic marvels, history good and bad
Summarily destroyed.
Businesses and neighborhoods like Soho, cities like Portland destroyed by BLM and others.
Not a peep.
Pelosi et all took a knee.
Food for thought.

Be Careful What You Wish For 🐠


Sunday, January 10, 2021

Us and Them

 Us and Them 

The World is Round 

So they Say

I’ve seen the Photos 

By the Way.

I believe the Images

From Outer Space.

I met a Moonwalker 

Such a Fine Face.

I saw a Divide 

Between You and I.

We have a few Differences 

That’s no Lie.

When Distance grows wider

In the Blink of an Eye,

Embrace our Differences 

Before We Die.

The World is Round,

Hills and Valleys abound.

Are You the Hill or the Valley?

Are You Up or Down?

No matter if you’re Us or you’re Them,

The Two of Us Make a Planet

We’re Complete

We are Round 🌎 


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Travelogue for the Universe: Psalm Challenge 91

Rerun of another favorite post πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Ž

Travelogue for the Universe: Psalm Challenge 91: Psalm Challenge 91 Today's Challenge is a Challenge and We should welcome Challenges, No? It is the Reward for going without a...

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Friday Night Musik

 This week Carolyn Wonderland once again appears when I need to hear her sing it loud with no stops ❤️ πŸ™πŸΌ 😎 🎢 🎸 link from YouTube 

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