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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Words better to say it with

Another word has been on my mind since I read it on Wobbly-Teetering blog (link far down on right).
I hesitated asking what it meant, for fear it would be a misspelling, or an obvious word I should know.
When I asked Che what it meant, and she explained, she opened up another new way for me to say,
extreme whining...the most annoying kind. It is a British-Australian word.
The word, and I think you will agree, that is better to say "it" with ("it" being extreme whining),
(pronounced like it rhymes with cringing).

And when I catch myself whingeing so bad my ears ring,
I promise to stop myself and
laugh at my new

Thursday, January 27, 2011


He was a dreamer
Poppa Neutrino
A sailor

He sailed and crashed upon a bluff
And they rescued the old man there.

With his young crew, dreamers too.
They were just doing what dreamers sometimes do.

Once I heard his story true.
His lifetime of sailing,
His loyal crew.

I cannot dislike this old man of the sea.
I saw someone I really wanted to be.

He was a handsome old rugged man
With a rascally smile.
Weathered brown skin.
Infinite wile.

Some were enraged at the debris he left upon the rocks.

I followed his story and wondered in vain
What he talked about, did it sound insane?
Late at night in the darkness
while sailing the sea
with this freshman crew
on a raft
Across the wide waters
narrow channels
and storms,
what were his stories,
the old eccentric sailor
who defied
them all.

One man I wished I had met.
Poppa Neutrino
ocean raft sailor
hero to the lost cause

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crown Point Bridge Progress

Crown Point Bridge 

View from LCT ferry
View towards Lake from ferry VT sideDSC00143
Crown Point Bridge
Crown Point Bridge & Ferry
View of new piers VT side and ferry from the other ferry
Those guys are working 24/7

Friday, January 21, 2011

Silence is not a sign

is not a sign of agreement

instead, it can be a sign of

giving up
a time to huddle up

See posting on Sprachlos,
don't know what to say,
too much snow, winter, fatigue from impending and past taxes,
how will we keep our precious farm
our jobs
our health,
our sanity.

But if I am silent about health care single payer
It is not because I think it is a wonderful panacea as sold.

It is because as with other miraculous easy fixes,
Single payer will prove another weight around our necks.
It looks like a done deal anyway.

Is that an affirmation?

See my posts on health care morass.

I wrote my legislators like Peter Welch about my opinions about health care,
single payer, government control over health care.
He sent me a cute myths page.

Like I do not know one thing about health care, or illness, or what it is like to be a middle class white american working woman
with ms
While I work to help people access long term care services
for the past 30 years.

As if he can say he knows more than I do.
Guess I will be silent for now.
Can you hear that?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Music Heals...

Fred found this link on FB. Carolyn Wonderland posted it after having just been again to the Ramble, Levon Helm's fabulous barn shows.
Wishing we could go every Saturday, but grateful we have been 3 times.
This movie is one of the concerts I wrote about.
We were so fortunate, right place, right time, trust your gut thing.
We were here, at Levon's amazing barn.
and we will never forget...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dreams and waking

Dreams are safe places,
Even when you fall and fall and even
When you finally land with a thump
and waken.

Dreams are places we go to
all that is possible.
Free from encumbrances
of ego,

Dreams are a proving ground for dreams.
Is it just a dream or could it become
a reality?

Dreams are made of complex thought
They are Simple too,
a magically easy way to solve
Our complicated problems.

So when I need to solve a problem,
I will sleep on it.
And dream.

Waking on the other hand,
Is not dreaming, not sleeping,
Is this what we endeavor to call

Is that the opposite of a dream?

Waking is what today really looks like,
Real world moments,
Mixing with other people's dreams,
Opens your eyes.

Waking is a way to say,
No, that was just a dream.
My brother's phrase,
Dreaming in the daytime,
Is another way to say,
Dreams are for sleeping.

Still a girl can hope her dreams
become a time of waking,
and hope when waking,
She will see her dreams
come true.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Friend's words

A Friend's words came across the Atlantic Ocean and she just knows how to hit the spot.
Thanks, Herrad.
You are a great friend.
She quoted a man who I have yet to look up in this wonderful library of worldwide info.
Funny how words can hit the spot, have extraordinary meaning.
Especially when you feel someone knows you.

here it is:

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim.

Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.

Harvey Fierstein

have a great day in your corner of the planet.
mary gerdt, monkton, vermont

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In support of the First

I would guess Rhetoric has never been listed as a cause of death.

Discourse whether kind or not has neither been.

Words can sting and bite.

Humiliation a sickening sport of bullies.

But for all the bites and stings words cause,

No one I know has had surgery because of it.

In fact, a boiling kettle will find relief by just tipping the lid

And letting the steam out.

And when the reporters and politicians do not like today's rhetoric,
what better way to argue than to say that today's rhetoric hurt those poor people.

But the first did not lead to all this.
The first allows us in the US to have an opinion and express it.
I am saddened  by this senseless outburst by a sick person.
I am equally saddened some will rush to judge innocent people
even if it is their right.
As I state my viewpoint and opinion, I am proud it is a right.
As is prayer,
And I pray for the victims and families.

Monday, January 10, 2011

More about Fleece

I have posted a little about that wonderful fabric called fleece.
Spun plastic bottle waste.
Fleece comes in all colors, patterns, thicknesses.
Does not fray, fade or shrink (do not subject to heat). No fabric softener (I gave that up anyway).
This week I finally finished my curtains I made with white polar fleece.
The white really helps the light come through.
The curtain nothing more than folding over making a simple loop at the top for a curtain rod.
You really could make these curtains without sewing.
You can cut ties and tie the curtain top.
Use safety pins to hang up.
The reason I say this is because fleece really blocks the drafts we get from our windows.
I believe energy saving. These will last awhile, they already make it feel warmer in here.
My theory also is: I think they attract dust? and keeps it from stirring in the air?
Not sure.
I bought by the bolt online after shopping around which is cheaper than local.
Watch out for shipping costs.
Keep warm.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Astronomical info is readily available these days.
The Hubble has daily images along with APOD, the astronomical picture of the day.
Today's Hubble image, a special one.
I had a 1970 ish spirograph.
Here is the spirograph nebula

Star Cluster


Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Blogger Review

My Blogger Review for 2010.
I now have my favorite bloggers list down on the right hand column.

My blog is still being fueled by a need I have to tell a story.
My inner desire to publish my own variety newspaper, in this
new medium, one I can see, share and revisit.
I started blogging several years ago after being diagnosed with MS.
The clinical info was one thing. But I wanted to know the real
story. I was drawn to Lisa Emrich's blog, Brass and Ivory. Excellent in every way.
Through Lisa I found Herrad's very special blog Access Denied,
Marc's entertaining informative Wheelchair Kamikaze,
More favorites: Judy's Peace be with you, Chain Reaction, Words Salads.
Daily Athens shares life in this ancient city as well as German
poetry,  photos, philosophy. Also Che with her fabulous shoes at Wobbly Teetering...
These and the other blogs I list are my galaxy.
on, looking over the kitchen sink draws me to a kinder gentler place....

I have to limit the number I follow, but I try to read their stories even if I am late sometimes.
Like a newspaper, my list consists of blogger friends who lighten the day
with their kind and honest pearls
chronicling life in the 20 tens.....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Carrots

Winter dug carrots are by far too ugly to photograph, but once you take off the rotten slimy greens,
scrub the deep orange carrots, cut around the bug bites, bad spots and cull the bad ones,
you get delightful sweet rich carrot flavors. Must be eaten soon. We roasted in the oven in
foil after spraying with cooking spray. I dug them during the thaw.
Back below freezing now and snow off and on.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Told You

I told you how cruel I thought the tax policy was

And how much this all hurt me

I told you.

I told them.

They did not even note my comments in their sketchy sometimes posted always late minutes.

A Bobcat crossed in front of me this morning on Rotax Road.

Right where I took this picture on 1.1.11

What a weird sequence of events to get me on the road, at that time.

I am usually a few minutes later.

I called the Bobcat Willy.

I told them how I thought they should revise the delinquent property tax

And hold the town officials accountable.

I told them

And they ignored me.

Why should I tell them again?

I told them

mary gerdt 01.04.2011 Monkton Vermont in my 4th generation farmstead kitchen.
miraculously we hang on here paying these obscene taxes
tied up in a statewide, locally administered, locally enforced by local town policies as varied
as the leaves in fall.
I have to proceed to the next chapters.
this is for the record.
please write to anyone who will listen that the Vermont property tax laws are very broken.
the legislature promised reform and now want to chase butterflies like single payer.
we have hungry unemployed and hurting vermonters.
let it be known that i told them
and they did not care

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chapter Four

I just have to share some more info I discovered about tax lien sales.
Watch the video even if you do not agree with the website's politics.
No quiz at the end.
Just questions.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Water Worlds

I call this walking on water. Lake Champlain is frozen on the edge of this particular inlet.
Warning, don't try this yourself. See the fisherman in blaze orange.

And the beaver pond in the place I call Willy's pond.
Happy New Year,
Happy 1.1.11