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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Music Heals...

Fred found this link on FB. Carolyn Wonderland posted it after having just been again to the Ramble, Levon Helm's fabulous barn shows.
Wishing we could go every Saturday, but grateful we have been 3 times.
This movie is one of the concerts I wrote about.
We were so fortunate, right place, right time, trust your gut thing.
We were here, at Levon's amazing barn.
and we will never forget...

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  1. My post about this concert (posted 11.16.09) is called no film festival. I wrote it while sleep deprived and sensorially overloaded.I even misspelled my name at first.We were sitting by a couple of college students from Oberlin where my niece goes.At one break, I went on and on about how I loved Kris Kristofferson. The girl said, he was sitting behind you the whole first set...I turned around and saw the empty seats.Just one of many thrilling memories for us. As I told the nurse at clinic, I call it a "healing". No pain, no stress, no worries. The Ramble just cannot be beat.Enormous thanks to CW for posting this. My wish coming true, that night remained through time. It will always be in our heart's memory.mary gerdt, monkton, vermont,us


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