Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Night Musik

Friday Night Musik

This week, continuing with a YouTube link
 from the masterful 
Too soon gone.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

#Fracking Update Addie saves a Tree

From our neighbor

Hi Folks
As I write this, Addie is still in the tree on the Fracked Gas pipleline right of way, preventing the tree she is in and a bunch of other surrounding trees from being cut as Vermont Gas attempts to install this pipeline through Monkton. As other major pipeline projects have recently been nixed ( the Kinder Morgan in Mass and NH and the Constitution pipeline in PA and NY) it is time for this pipeline to also be stopped. It makes no sense for Vermont or Vermonters and the costs are just too high.Here is an interview with Addie:

From YouTube... Prince - Purple Rain (Live at American Music Awards, 1985)

I was surfing YouTube and found this great video of Prince.
His talents were endless.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trees under Seige ***Update

Who defends the Trees?

Come Join Addie in Monkton!Addie, a flower farmer and and folk musician of Burlington, has stopped the clearing of a section of the pipeline route for a whole day. For about two years, she's attended hearings, marches, and rallies in the campaign against the pipeline. And now she's putting her body on the line to stand up for her community and for the climate. Come support her bold action tomorrow morning! Call us at 631-742-1872 for more details.

Addie is in good spirits as she prepares for a night in the rain. But the cops are staked out under her tree and forced all of her ground support people out of the woods this morning. It's apparent that the cops are not protecting her safety and it's essential that people with technical knowledge of the tree sit are there to advocate for her. WE NEED PEOPLE TO CALL the Addison County sheriffs office and demand that they allow more of her supporters to be present as long as she remains in the tree. Here's the number: (802) 388-2981.
"We're calling on all those who want to increase local control over energy projects to join us in our effort to stop this undesirable pipeline. If we are to meet our energy needs in this state without wrecking the climate or landscapes of other communities, we need to end this system of unaccountable, corporate-owned utilities and build a truly democratic system." - Addie
Check out photos and updates - and spread the news - on ourFacebook and twitter. And don't forget to donate if you can!

In solidarity,

Molly and the Rising Tide VT Crew

Rising Tide Vermont
Twitter: @RisingtideVT

Callers wanted

The Tree Sitters

Are being threatened,

How could you help?

Hey all,
VGS has cut dangerously close to the tree sit. It seems like they've backed off a bit for now, but we want them to know that people are paying attention to this.
Can you take 1 minute to call CEO Don Rendall to tell him not to endanger the lives of people fighting for a livable planet, and call the tree clearing crews off?
Cal 802-863-4511, press 5 for the staff directory, and dial 7363255# when prompted.
Let's keep each other safe so we can all be dangerous together!
(letter from Will ...)

It all makes me think of on of my favorites...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Earth News... #Fracking pipeline construction halted, promises broken

From the pipeline fighting front

April 18 2016

Pipeline Opponents Scale Tree, Halt Land Clearing in Monkton

Will Bennington, Rising Tide Vermont


Monkton, Vt. - For the second time in less than a month, opponents of Vermont Gas Systems' fracked gas pipeline have taken to the trees to prevent pipeline construction in Addison County. An individual is sitting in a platform thirty feet high to prevent the clearing the pipeline route.

"As we've said before, this pipeline ends with us. We don't see the state's decision to support this polluting, expensive pipeline as a legitimate decision, and will continue to get in the way of construction as much as possible," said Addie Herbert, a volunteer with Rising Tide Vermont.

Vermonters from across the state have attempted to stop the pipeline for years, through testifying at public hearings, writing letters, appealing to elected officials and intervening in the controversial Public Service Board process. Many feel they are left with no recourse but to directly intervene in construction.

"The Public Service Board showed their true colors recently, when they considered barring the public from pipeline hearings," said Jane Palmer, who's farm is less than half a mile from the tree sit. "Its no surprise that people are putting their bodies on the line when the state is putting corporations above democracy."

Vermont Gas Systems sources its gas from the Western Canada Shale Basin, one of the largest deposits of oil and gas in the world. If built, this pipeline will become a major emitter of greenhouse gas emissions for decades. "This pipeline is a direct link to the carbon and methane 'time bomb' that could push us to the brink and destroy our right to a livable planet," said Molly Stuart, and organizer with Rising Tide Vermont. "We must get serious about leaving all remaing fossil fuels in the ground immediately."

"We're calling on all who are fighting to increase local control over energy projects in the state to join us in our effort to stop this undesirable pipeline," Herbert said, in reference to recent legislation aimed at increasing town oversight in regards to renewable energy siting. "If we are to meet our energy needs in this state without wrecking the climate or landscapes of other communities, we need to end this system of unaccountable, corporate-owned energy and build a truly democratic energy system."

# # #

Rising Tide Vermont
Twitter: @RisingtideVT

Spring Color

Sunday, April 17, 2016


We bought the new album by Joe Bonamassa.
Blues of Desperation
Drive is one song...Great album!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Some of the Best Moments in Baseball are before the game

Red Sox...
News from the Twittersphere...

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Friday, April 8, 2016

Poets and Their Craft - David Budbill Link from Vermont PBS Youtube Channel and Friday Night Musik

The TV remote guide has a limited offering.

It seemed to keep bringing me back to this

local Vermont PBS Poet show.

We are all poets...This show affirming the art in all of us...

Next, a Beautiful Duet from You tube...Wow...

tgiff  ;<]

Funny Date today
4 times 2
8 times 2

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Town of my youth

Edwardsville, Illinois
Main Street

Great photo borrowed from a Facebook post,
 The town of my first 20 years.
A few years before I was born...

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Tree

The Tree

It's gone now,

No chance of reprieve.
The tree is gone.
Showing us our vulnerabilities,
The tree's memory
Lives on.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Protest in a tree is blocking pipeline path #Fracking

My comments first:
The tree is dead, chopped down, destroyed. No chance of coming back, gone, lost. History is changed when a valuable tree is destroyed against overwhelming public disapproval. Sad, wrong, anti-environment. Who can stop this pathway of destruction? Go look at the crooked path pipeline north of the golf course in Hinesburg. This is all wrong, ugliness robbing property owners and our environment.

The tree lives,

The Tree is Dead.

Protest in a tree is blocking pipeline path: It may a cold, damp and uncomfortable job, but someone’s got to do it, at least that’s according to climate-change activist Will Bennington of the Vermont “climate-justice” group known as Rising Tide.



Sunday came around again,
Sleep was not so kind.

Light and clouds,
Sun and rain
Spring has up and gone again.
Winter's back and hopefully then,
Spring will be back,
That's all,
Now when?

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Music link...Amy Helm

Link from YouTube
She's coming to Barre, Vermont,
A great person, musician.

Friday, April 1, 2016