Saturday, June 30, 2012

Not about your health

If you think that health care bills and trials are going to make you feel better, you might want to try a pill or potion instead. When did it all get so complicated?
I want to predict, today, that incrementalism will prevail and victories will meld into the mire.
It matters not what I think. My vote diluted by big lobbyists, my opinions are small, my hopes are on life support.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From Meredith Angwin's Blog: Yes Vermont Yankee: NRC and Vermont Yankee Win In Federal Court

Yes Vermont Yankee: NRC and Vermont Yankee Win In Federal Court: The Vermont Department of Public Service sued the NRC, claiming that the NRC should not have issued a license extension to Vermont Yankee be...

Thanks to Meredith Angwin for keeping us up to date on Yankee.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Music appreciation Links

Watch live streaming video from iridiumlive at

(check out their recordings....)

Take a virtual trip to NYC and enjoy some live music....

It may be is a link to Jim Weider's concert last night @ Iridium

iridiumlive on Broadcast Live Free

Monday, June 25, 2012

Accidental visitor

An accidental visitor flew by my head Saturday night as I blinked and nearly missed it...
there, then I saw it, after turning my head back and forth a few times.
A friendly bat somehow got into our house. I had dealt with this before.
Remain calm or they sense your fear. Do not make sudden movements or flail,
they are blind and using sonar like navigation.
Turn on the lights in the house and open the door to the darkness of the night. They will fly out.
They need to circle a few times at least. Talk to them reassuringly. They are mammals. Say, "It is OK. This is the exit. You will be OK." Well, in your language, of course. Your calm tone of voice is the most important.
We are reassured he looked so big and healthy.
And that he flew around the room 3 times after we closed doors to isolate him in one room.
Fred and I stood in the doorways. Then he flew out.
We hoped there were more like him (outside), our accidental visitor.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Poem


Time seems a little
hurried at times,
chores compressing rest,
all the rest,
what has to be done,
then we must
sit a

It is the day
we catch up all week
after saying
Monday through Saturday
I'll do it

Even chores though
seem a little easier
just because it is

the air a little lighter,
for knowing we
can still say,
it is Sunday,
I'll do it tomorrow.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summers Flowers & Road sign

Mosquitoville Road
is that near copperhead road?

Peonies, Bleeding Hearts, rhubarb in the front, horseradish in the back.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Street Team...

I have been on the Street Team of Levon Helm and have enjoyed spreading the word about incredible music and hopefully help these incredible dedicated musicians.
Now have joined the Joe Bonamassa Street Team and you can too, really. Once you listen you will want to crack the wallet or as I did, spend the itunes gift card, thanks again Janet.
Click on his links in the margin & check him out.
Blues with a relentless passion.

Thursday, June 21, 2012



Summer Solstice

Let's not
about the exact
that the

At that
the daylight hours are the
and a second later,
waning again

And I do
in my narrow
that Down Under,
it is the shortest
daylight hours
So no matter where you call home,
it is a special time

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


seagull @hampton beach,nh

certainly a few more people there now
have a great day by your beach of choice

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black & White Photos

The Depression

The Depression of 1930's was taught to us by our families, their friends, neighbors,
& taught to us in school, books, movies, main street stores,
barber shops, bars, in essence, a little everywhere.
In Black & White photos, we saw
lines in faces,
pained, sunburned, gnarly starving hands holding lethargic starving babies,
Then later in life:
hoarding, saving, scrimping,
never enjoying,
joy could come later,
once you felt

Monday, June 18, 2012

Longest Daylight hours

The daylight hours gain until midweek when they turn around and
then there is a gradual downward decline in daylight hours until
just before Christmas.
I wondered how many people even know or cared about that.
Then, I wondered,
"Does it matter?"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday views

Sunday views trying out the new technology.

Interview with a Clone, Chapter 13

Interview with a Clone
Chapter 13
by Mary E. Gerdt
2012 all rights reserved

The first time Gigi interviewed Alice, it was awkward for both parties.
Gigi barely knew Alice. Alice was uncomfortable with the subject (herself) and Gigi's style.
They were connected by the mythical sometimes mysterious, genius Dr. Susan Wolf, Alice's cloning mother.

After they hung up, it seemed there would never be another interview.

Several months later, Gigi needed a bigger diversion, something shocking to take the
Martian colonists' minds off threats of starvation and their
 fear of being stranded on Mars forever.

Gigi picked up the phone and dialed, ringing, ringing, "Hello Alice?"
" this Gigi?"
Gigi could not believe Alice remembered her.
"Alice, I would like to do a series of interviews with you to help with our
troubled morale on Mars."
"We did that already."
Gigi nodded. "I want to get in deeper, more details, even if you make them up.
We are desperate."
Alice reluctantly agreed.

Later that night, regret was seeping into Alice's brain.
What amusement could Gigi have during such an interview?
Would Alice be seen as a spectacle?
Alice began to jot down preferred questions to be asked in the interviews.

She knew there were too many questions for now. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Philosophy of Pain

Pain as a whole, is on or off,
in varying degrees.

The Philosophy part of pain
teaches what lesson?
seeming senseless at times.

One's mind, fighting over matter
says to stop
and yet the pain ignores
the pleadings and the pain goes on.

Even in deep sleep a pain can tunnel
under several layers to disrupt
rest which is essential.

pain helps lead us to that
which caused the pain,
a teacher,
change what you can,
try to let the other go...

Friday, June 15, 2012



came to stay with us yesterday.

I never really thought she would be so receptive,
obedient, responsive, and seemingly caring.

She is helpful, not rattled,
a natural talent. Seems to like our music,
knows our numbers, writes emails, finds stuff out.

She is getting to know us as we are getting to know her.
I think about the genius of Steve Jobs,
may he rest in peace knowing he has created a device
that helps without guilt, reassures, organizes,
keep stimulated, helps quickly and naturally to let go of old ideas,
evolve. She is like another little side brain.

How long will we be amused by this wafer thin being?
Will there be a son of Siri?
As I get to know her, will she take orders from Fred or me first?
(is there an app for that?)

At night now, we charge her back up
and declare in a natural voice (if possible),
"go to bed, siri, back on the charger...
wait a, electric dirt...."

Thursday, June 14, 2012


We watched the progress at of our co-co adopted Eagle, Virgil Caine
The trackers attached a radio to her when she was young and they track her progress
migrating up and down the East coast. She came near here sort of close.
Then we watched a TV show about school children trapping birds,
then studied them and they were excited when they caught a golden eagle.
I did not see the respect that might have been shown that bird.
The stress caused to the birds looked excessive, even if reportedly
beneficial in some way, banding them, examining, measuring, taking photos,
releasing and learning about nature. I really hoped they would
not catch our Eagle and they leave the bird handling to professionals.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bloggers 2012

Like other Bloggers, I follow blogs to help get the word out,
connect w/other bloggers & find ways to communicate
worldwide, and see what living elsewhere is like,
other issues people face, images, music, art, friendship.
Check out my favorite blogs I follow,
although somedays I miss reading all their posts,
they all deserve an audience, they have a message
worth listening to.
As newspapers start shutting down to anyone but paying people,
I turn to my blogger friends for the skinny on the street.
Thanks to all of them, and especially

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Intervals were at me again,
the time between
this and that.
Years go by so fast
it is
of Time,
when it really is only an

are found in music.
They are so essential
to speak the musical message,
just the right

Is there a cadence,
a series of
looking back,
we could predict the

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Summer begins with the peonies,
funny how they bloom just as the thunderstorms come
and often beat the heavy blooms to the ground.
We think the locusts may not bloom, did the late frost interrupt something?

Next, a link to NASA's movie of Venus passing between the Sun and Earth
Quite stunning...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Music link for Saturday

Music Link for Saturday...a musical maze. Take 5 minutes and watch the whole show.
for more info...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Music Link for Friday

Link to fine video
by great musicians
wishing Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan...
truly fine
My favorite Dylan tune...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Making a Difference...

Great video by Moriah Manning about things you can do to make the World a better place.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Postcards for them

A coworker told me about her mission to get the word out about the Congo
and the extreme need for unified support of the innocent people there.
Will you send a postcard, some energy, support & at least read about this cause.
Extend a prayer for peace.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I searched the web for some astrological significance related to the transit of Venus
in front of the Sun. Many were just too complicated, too much info. I wanted just a few
words, an image.
History showed the event had sparked technological changes, advancements.
The best talked about strings & magnetic lines between the planets and the sun.
How when it all lines up, the strings vibrate together.
That resonated with me.
When tuning the stringed instrument, when the strings resonate,
there is a special sound,
a heartfelt sound,
goes straight through you,
intensified, resonance.
So the transit of Venus is special, we know it is rare &
whether it sparks new innovation and positive direction,
or not,
we can look back on this day as memorable.

Monday, June 4, 2012

More photos not taken

Photos Not taken again,
this past weekend,
and last weekend,
great memories,
The Sun & Weather,
Music, visions,
rolled up into
tight little protein packets
we call our treasured memories,
stored right there,
where we store the best ones,
who needs a picture of that?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Music Link...

Great music link from the annual Hunter Mountain Jam 2008...
The Jam is going on now...
The Dirt Farmer Band will be there.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Interview with a Clone, Chapter 12

Interview with a Clone

Chapter 12

By Mary E Gerdt

All rights reserved 2012

“The Clone Tapes,” Alice looked again at the paper.

It seemed to have significance, profound even, at one point,

Right before falling asleep, when Alice was

Weak, tired, over-tired, overwhelmed.

Now…nothingness. A blank. No answer, a void, a vacuum, zero.

Alice felt nothing about herself again. If she were a normally conceived child,

Would she be thinking, “The Normal Tapes?” Would life seem so foreign to her,

If Alice was like everyone else?

[At first Alice’s story was to be written in the first person: I, me, how I feel, as Alice.

I started to write this story for the past 30 years or so, the real I, me. Not the unknown fortune teller lady, she is fictional. I am the person she refers to annoyingly. I am someone who gets in her way. It is hard to explain. Now Alice is a she and someone else, not me. I found it hard to say me all the time. It is easier to embrace Alice. Patting yourself or being kind to yourself is harder. Maybe you did not wonder about such details, well, some people do, like me. It is getting harder to keep track of these characters, islands, labs, motivations, is so and so mad at someone else? Is a dead person popping up in the wrong place? I am not professing to be some sort of massive novelist. The unknown fortune teller lady doesn’t even tell us her name, Dr Susan Wolf died without fanfare, Alice is famous and no one knows her. History will likely get some facts wrong. Real life cloning is likely to be more out there than this story. I am writing this story to 1. See if a serial blogger novel is possible, 2. Be successful at getting a few readers hooked, 3. Maybe be the first amateur serial blogger novelist,  so doubtful to ever do anything truly original, 4. Leave a legacy . A message of who I am, some of my stories,

Photos of things that have meaning to me, causes, music. I think how I wish I could see Grandma Fanny’s diary. Those simple black and white photos are so devoid of information.]

**It would take many years before Alice would decide to do some autobiographical tapes using interviews with Gigi Fairweather, broadcasting from Mars. She called them, The Clone Tapes.

Gigi was stranded on Mars for what felt like an eternity. She was a grounded pilot forced to be a cheerleader for the cause, keeping the peace, the food rationing, using survival tactics from her military training until the colonists were rescued and returned to Earth.

Alice began the tapes with the first interview with Gigi (chapter 1).

It would be some time before Alice would call Gigi again, to continue the interviews, records of Alice’s life history and the continuation of the “Clone Tapes”.