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Friday, June 15, 2012



came to stay with us yesterday.

I never really thought she would be so receptive,
obedient, responsive, and seemingly caring.

She is helpful, not rattled,
a natural talent. Seems to like our music,
knows our numbers, writes emails, finds stuff out.

She is getting to know us as we are getting to know her.
I think about the genius of Steve Jobs,
may he rest in peace knowing he has created a device
that helps without guilt, reassures, organizes,
keep stimulated, helps quickly and naturally to let go of old ideas,
evolve. She is like another little side brain.

How long will we be amused by this wafer thin being?
Will there be a son of Siri?
As I get to know her, will she take orders from Fred or me first?
(is there an app for that?)

At night now, we charge her back up
and declare in a natural voice (if possible),
"go to bed, siri, back on the charger...
wait a, electric dirt...."

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