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Monday, June 25, 2012

Accidental visitor

An accidental visitor flew by my head Saturday night as I blinked and nearly missed it...
there, then I saw it, after turning my head back and forth a few times.
A friendly bat somehow got into our house. I had dealt with this before.
Remain calm or they sense your fear. Do not make sudden movements or flail,
they are blind and using sonar like navigation.
Turn on the lights in the house and open the door to the darkness of the night. They will fly out.
They need to circle a few times at least. Talk to them reassuringly. They are mammals. Say, "It is OK. This is the exit. You will be OK." Well, in your language, of course. Your calm tone of voice is the most important.
We are reassured he looked so big and healthy.
And that he flew around the room 3 times after we closed doors to isolate him in one room.
Fred and I stood in the doorways. Then he flew out.
We hoped there were more like him (outside), our accidental visitor.


  1. Many years ago, when I was living in South America, a bat flew into my high rise apartment. I was NOT as calm and collected as you describe here. I freaked. Somehow the bat left. I survived. I had forgotten this until your post.

  2. Thanks Judy for your recollections. Sounds traumatic. I freaked initially, a long time ago. Then by necessity, learned how to cope. They are such important creatures. Now we have lost so many to white nose syndrome, the mosquitoes will kill us. Once I found a tiny baby bat and put it outside. The mother came and got him. Have a great day Judy! mary

  3. It's good you kept yourself calm. I would get a little anxious if a bat fly into my home.

    Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. Have a great day!


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