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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Interview with a Clone, Chapter 13

Interview with a Clone
Chapter 13
by Mary E. Gerdt
2012 all rights reserved

The first time Gigi interviewed Alice, it was awkward for both parties.
Gigi barely knew Alice. Alice was uncomfortable with the subject (herself) and Gigi's style.
They were connected by the mythical sometimes mysterious, genius Dr. Susan Wolf, Alice's cloning mother.

After they hung up, it seemed there would never be another interview.

Several months later, Gigi needed a bigger diversion, something shocking to take the
Martian colonists' minds off threats of starvation and their
 fear of being stranded on Mars forever.

Gigi picked up the phone and dialed, ringing, ringing, "Hello Alice?"
" this Gigi?"
Gigi could not believe Alice remembered her.
"Alice, I would like to do a series of interviews with you to help with our
troubled morale on Mars."
"We did that already."
Gigi nodded. "I want to get in deeper, more details, even if you make them up.
We are desperate."
Alice reluctantly agreed.

Later that night, regret was seeping into Alice's brain.
What amusement could Gigi have during such an interview?
Would Alice be seen as a spectacle?
Alice began to jot down preferred questions to be asked in the interviews.

She knew there were too many questions for now. 

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