Sunday, July 29, 2012

For Mom


The Rose of Sharon is blooming

Swallow 7.27.2012
The swallows are on the line

tonight we saw an impressive cloud over the lake

Everywhere is something I wanted to tell you today

let this tell you
you are in our hearts
and minds
and we will love you forever
Forever and more

Link to Old & in the Way

Link to You tube...A special group doing a special song.

This was the one I was looking for last night For Mom...say a prayer for her wherever you are on
or off the planet

Saturday, July 28, 2012


i thought i lost this poem....


The Colors dwelled in metal tubes,
stained with the color,
the smell of oil
and pigment,
not a smell really,
like how
soil is.

The colors,
Greens, Reds, Blues, Black, White, Yellow
and all shades
in between
were possible,
as Mom smeared a little dab of this one,
then that on
on the artist's pallette,
and I watched in awe,
except when I had a burning question,
Then she would stop
with a
Her inspiration burning fast

Flowery Memories

Artichokes, when ignored,
turn into flowers


As I feel a deep ache for Mom, and the pain she has suffered,
I think of flowers and colors.
Flowers, because she so loves flowers
and nature, and nature's beauty.
Colors, because she took tubes of oil paints
and painstakingly squirted a dabs of paint on her palette,
mixing with the brush as she worked them into
new colors
and laid them down on the canvas,
the smell of oils and turpentine in our nostrils,
I loved to watch her do that.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday Night & Wednesday Morning

Reflecting on last night...

and on every

Tuesday night we devote 2 hours to



and we will watch again tonight on the web.
we gave up the satellite dish and never looked back

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Storms & Astronauts

I was eager

to get online to write my blog post.
The thunderheads had risen so high in the sky, ever expanding.
Then the cold wind pressed down on that brief spell of hot heavy humid air. The cold front pushed away the heat.
Then the Thunder started, heavy shaking thunder, no lightning at first.
Then the storm progressed, coming up against the house in waves.
The lightning and thunder impressive.
The air cleared and the windows were back open.

The evening news said Sally Ride died.
It was so sad to think her life was done.
She influenced so many women to be scientists
and astronauts.
Nasa did a bio with condolences.Link below.
My condolences to Sally Ride's family & friends.
She was a great role model, astronaut, physicist, teacher, and person.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Doubt

No Doubt

In my mind that last night's Midnight Ramble was a stellar experience.
I stayed up until about 10 PM, watching the Twitter feed.
There were a few tweets by then and I knew more tweets were to come. If only I could stay up...
Yet my nodding head would not obey.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Worldwide Live Tweeting Midnight Ramble

Will be watching the Tweet-o-spere later tonight for live tweets from
West meets East,
Phil Lesh & Levon's People
Twitter location:  (you must have a twitter account)
also check out

Level of excitement at this new media application extension? Priceless

Swallow Update

Swallow update.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Interview with a Clone Chapter 15

Interview with a Clone Chapter 15

By Mary E. Gerdt 2012

all rights reserved

The Cosmic Wind

The Cosmic Wind surrendered after the mighty magnetic blast ripped through the planet’s atmosphere.

The settlers were in complete shock.

They cautiously emerged from their shelters,

They stood together,

In the open and sunshine again after 4 months.

They were in awe at the stillness,

The echo of the roar of the wind, the recent memories,

still haunting them.

Running their memories back just a few minutes.

“What happened? Was all you heard.

In chains of people, they would ask, never answer.

It was as if some entity had intervened

On their behalf.

They were mostly all scientists here, on this Martian desert.

Some chosen to colonize Mars, would have no family,

no personality, no emotion, like anger or glee.

Some were Workaholic science junkies with only time for experiments,

Calculated life experiences.

There was a committee responsible for the Chosen,

as the colonists would be called.

That committee weighed heavily certain personality traits

some were Uncommon for survival.

Unlike former astronauts who were drawn from pools of military veterans and rockets test pilots, there were no wars. A small military contingent protected security and often had quiet boring shifts. There likewise was no commercial flight to speak of. The aging glut of 100 plus meant people stayed put and had virtual vacations, experiences in personal caves of enjoyment, techno travel, self stimulation suits and virtual experience chambers.

The scientists and some extremely wealthy people were among

The Chosen as well as some military people like Gigi Fairweather.

Gigi saw it as a pre-retirement cake walk.

Mars travel had been established for over twenty years.

The life pods and communities took a great deal of work to

build. Cargo, ships, ferries with laborers, some prisoners, some volunteers. Some died on the journeys from ignorant mistakes,

outbreaks of violence or medical issues that were unanticipated.

Eventually The Chosen trickled in, on cargo ships.

A few quit when they got there, turned around and rode the year trip back.

They would not have another chance to leave for 2 years.

At the times of the Cargo ship’s arrival, there was a restlessness among a few ambivalent settlers. The knowing there is a chance of going home,

back to Earth. There were even Earth Songs, sung by settlers,

Now silently mouthed in secret after the ban. The settlers were not supposed to want to leave.

Some settlers were completely content here. The simplicity, no choices,

Simple work, a mostly automated lifestyle. The scientists could experiment to their heart’s content. The ex-prisoner service people kept everyone fed and the quarters cleaned and maintained in exchange for freedom. The other Chosen ones were mysterious with private quarters in a remote pod community beyond the desert flats near a hill overseeing the giant desert floor.

The security guards reviewed the recordings of the magnetic blast.

It was invisible to their human eyes. Sensors covered a broad spectrum, however, and yet they could not measure the level of magnetic blast that occurred. They were stunned, not sure what to report. The guards were all concerned about their young wives, all pregnant, (the colonization orders had begun). They wondered what was next, was this an attack?

They had lost touch with the Earth since the Wind started.

A scratchy voice began,…”Hello Mars…”

The guard responded, “Earth…Are you there?”

“10-4 Mars Station, welcome back…We delivered a blast of magnetic ion bundles to stop the wind.

We saw from Earth that It was pummeling you guys.”

The guard affirmed and proceeded with debriefing per protocol after a disaster or odd occurrence. This qualified as both.

Gigi checked on all the security protocols at the Command level.

She would review all the responses by staff and military supports and report back to Earth Command once she finished her report.

She fell into her training which was a temporary diversion from the reality. They would have to wait at least a year for the rescue pods.

The Cosmic Wind had caused interference in communications and space travel for the past 4 months.

This caused them to miss the necessary orbital position for successful travel from Earth to Mars.

And nothing could possibly get them home any faster, to their Earth home that is.

The Settlers needed a diversion in this time of waiting.

They would all be taken off this Martian experimental colony and most vowed never to return.

There were several, Gigi included, who secretly wanted to stay, who found her true bliss in loneliness. She would find a way to stay, even as she tried to keep the Settlers focused on the trip home.

That was the day she decided to reach out to Alice Karma again.

The resumption of communication was intoxicating. Gigi announced on the general com system, “Gigi Fairweather here… Hope you are all OK after the Storm…Be present at Oh One Hundred and I will try to make contact with someone I think you will find fascinating. We are expecting to be rescued in 165 mars days. Until then, I am hosting a weekly show and if you come to the com and applaud loud enough, we could convince the woman, a very special one of a kind woman, would she be our weekly co host for counting down to the arrival of “Ark“.

And with a roar of applause,

So began the one year show,

Interview with a Clone,
with Gigi on Mars, and Alice on Earth.

The Evil Cosmic Winds on Mars were disintegrated by a manmade packet of magnetism.

All while Alice sunned herself on the beach on Earth just before her phone rang.

It was a strange day indeed.






Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Color




Phlox and Spider Web

Phlox & Spider Web


Color yet to be

Blackberry “Illini”


Break in the heat

A cold front crashed in yesterday PM and wiped away the icky hot weather we really do not like. Still after VA, summer will not feel hot again for awhile up here. Like Fred said, the Sun is not as intense "up" here in VT.
The plants and weeds are in stiff competition and the rain we got perked everbody up that did not get beaten down (minor damage).
As we know the next thing after a good rain is the bugs hatch.
The swallows' first brood are on the lines and second brood cooking. Soon they will all fly far away.
I believe they are bigger and more plentiful because there are so few bats.
The locust trees never blossomed. We have no apples, pears this year.
We are watching the garden grow and also enjoying the break in the heat.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keep it Goin' for Mr. Levon Helm

Keep it Goin'...

The Midnight Rambles,

The finest concert venue & musical experience

in the World.

The Ramble, the Barn, Levon's home, full of wooden warmth, attention to detail, dedicated professional loving musicians and staff, Mr. Helm and his family,
and us, the audience, reflecting the music of our hearts and minds,
cleared of stress, pain, worry and sadness
for one night
There we were Centered and brought into the moment by our Shaman guide, Mr. Helm & company.
Now his music echoes in the walls of a barn meant to keep goin'.
Please help

Monday, July 16, 2012

Favorite Music link 5/5

Well, 5/5 is Wind Cried Mary

2 Versions/ links are on You-tube.
One by Mr. Jimi Hendrix, and another by Carolyn Wonderland...

Favorite Music link 4/5

My Favorite music link 4/5
one more to go...

Wow...Bruce and Clarence & E Street Band...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Favorite song link 3/5

Link to my Favorite song 3/5
My Shaman Guide, Mr. Levon Helm

Favorite song link 2/5

Favorite song 2/5

We saw Kris Kristofferson up close doing his song
It was a special night @ the Ramble.

BTW, go to
and check out the fund raising specials to keep the Ramble goin'....
Support great music

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Favorite Song 1/5

My first favorite song
Box of Rain
Lesh/Hunter/The Dead
American Beauty

Here is a link to Phil Lesh talking about Box of Rain
no wonder his Ramble @ Levon's Barn sells out instantaneously
we just found out PL is doing West coast Rambles in San Rafael, CA at Terrapin Crossing.

Have a great Saturday night.

Saturday Music Link

Great link to Levon Helm & Band

Have a great weekend

Friday, July 13, 2012

Interview with a Clone, Chapter 14

Interview with a Clone

Chapter 14

By Mary E. Gerdt

2012 all rights reserved

Alice pondered the waves from the beach under the umbrella . This was the spot where Susan Wolf, Alice’s cloning mother and Alice would sit. Also where Susan told Alice that she was dying.

Perhaps oddly, her mother, Susan Wolf, did not die for 40 years. Actually, now she is in a cryogenic storage in a cask in Antarctica.

Susan was a bit of a hypochondriac, self diagnosing genius as well as a scientific,

Sensible, common thinker. She would ponder all dimensions of a question.

Never afraid to explore to the nth degree. And she suffered the last 40 years with arthritis she refused to treat. She was afraid of what the immune modifiers might do to her research Susan had planned, in advance, to be done long after her death.

Susan would sit, feet up, in pain with swollen joints. They always had hired help in the house and labs. Susan had the processes on autopilot.

They would sit under the umbrella, Susan reading a cheap novel, Alice would read about famous people, musicians, glitter, glitz, and glamour. The beachfront seemed boring and the same sometimes, especially to an adolescent girl deprived of socialization and big city lights. She always wanted most what she could never obtain.

She nodded off for a short time, it seemed. The fresh sea air washed away her mother’s images and blended in images of crushing, pushing, feeling pressure, images of the guys in the spike hats again. The phone rang and she woke up, abruptly. She shook her head before finally answering, “Alice.”

“Hello Alice. This is…”

“Oh, I would know your voice anywhere, Gigi. How’s Mars?”

“Well, Alice, FYI, we are on the air…. We were hoping we could do an interview dedicated to the pioneers of Martian travel….” Gigi’s voice drifted off as she lost energy. It was draining groveling to this “special” child of her old friend, Susan. Gigi desperately needed to entertain the pioneers. They were rationing food and the rescue wagons were 7 months from arriving, with the best case scenario. Gigi wanted a weekly radio show, figuring it could give the pioneers something to talk about, argue about, settle doubts about and they would not be thinking about hunger.

Alice gave in this second impromptu interview. She softened up and maybe grew up a little as she realized the pioneer colonists on Mars had it much worse than she did, lying on the beach, talking on the com phone.

“Hello Gigi“…Alice heard applause through the receiver, building until it was deafening,.

“Hello Mars…” The roar grew even louder as Alice put the phone down until

The noise died down.

“My name is Alice Karma.” The applause grew again, and did not stop for 10 full minutes.

Witnesses on Mars who were there said their palms were bleeding with hope, hope of life, pain better than the numb they felt moments before.

They now had hope, and they heard it in the form of a Clone’s voice.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweaters in July

I know, it is a jinx to say that,
Sweaters in July,
Vermont can be so fickle weather wise, just to say
global warming skipped us this week.
Towards Friday, the 90's may hit us again,
shorts go back on,
don't put the sweater too far away.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Wish

I Wish

"I wish, I knew how, it would a be to be free,
I wish I could break all of these chains, that are holdin' me." by Levon Helm

You might think you know what Freedom looks like.
Or you might see aspects of freedom, while
simultaneously wanting to Attain  Freedom,
Maintain Freedom, then to Have & to Own Freedom.

Think again about what you see as being free.
Look again.
We can vote here in the US. So many do not.
Are they free?
Do the un-voters give away our rights, our freedoms too?
How can one vote be free?

We listened to Levon's song, over and over.
As true as the first time. "I wish I knew how....

We own/?rent land with a deed that allows the town to tax
us individually based on their valuation.
They & a few voters decided we pay $20 a day.
If we do not pay, that price goes up and they take the land.
They said we cannot change the rules. We cannot question
we cannot participate. We wait for punishment for speaking up.

I see people in other parts of the world, they look pretty free to me,
leading me to conclude,
it is not so obvious, by a photo,
who is free.

Levon told his story in This Wheel's on Fire.
His hardships, his family history, farmers.
He talked about his grandfather getting "papered",
the bank called in a note or other document took away land.

Now recurrent themes of the 1930's depression.
Papers, mortgages, tax liens letting vulture barons bite at the wealth
of the common people.
So if you see pictures of the 2012's USA and wonder how free we are,
remember you cannot tell how free a person is just by looking.
Look closer and then start to see what free is to you.
Are you free?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Sun

The Summer Sun beats down on you,
If you let it,
The solar rays,
go straight through.

Sun screen, do not fool yourself,
it only protects so much.

Be careful in the summer heat,
The summer sun

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Lagging behind my normal pace, we are happy it is cool in Vermont
and overcast this morning. I thought my illness may have been bad water from our
survivor episodes. Now thinking it is overheated stressed out brain then flying in cramped, then
harrowing, then delayed along with multiple other people feeling they had missed
the last air-boat of the day. We had all been there before.
I did a movie of the animals we saw in Virginia.
Plus some storm shots. The music is something You tube had.
Hope you like it.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Music Link

Link to a great fusion piece...

link posted by Che on her blog wobbly teetering...

Friday, July 6, 2012


The Storm last Friday in Virginia seem largely underrated by the press. Afterwards, Many who could have reported were unable to facebook, tweet or call, drive, eat,cool food, cook food, draw water, plug in, cool off, or even mentate.
On a battery powered radio, The sleepy NPR announcer said 2,000 without power.
Turned out to be  2 million.
The heat, for me, unbearable. Still recovering from that pervasive heat.
With each moment, an awareness, there were many worse off, completely cut off, in more need.
The storm, had a fancy name, it was a tumbleweed of Hell, rolling over us in a giant frenzy.
We heard a howl, above, almost the freight train sound, lightning, pounding, sticks blowing up against my brother's house, wind pulsating, whipping tree branches up and down, lit by electrical flashes, long after the power died. Each time a wave of heavy wind, a slowing, then a revving again.
I finally fell asleep about midnight out of sheer overheated exhaustion.
In the morning, giants trees snapped and felled. Other items untouched.
We were OK and then began survivor mode. For me, conservation of energy mode, maximum cooling, limit heat. My frogg toggs towel helped keep me somewhat cool.
The places we visited needed us as we did their company. Photos are being worked into 2 movies and will be out soon. The trip, though a storm challenge shared by 2 million other people, was all worthwhile.
On the way home our plane flew into DC slipping right under one heavy black cloud spewing lightning. It was a wild ride with the drunk guys in back saying Whee...
Last night, another blast of a storm, thankfully we dodged this one's damaging winds, we saw places with trees down.
Looks like these storm-steam rolling storms are on a roll lately.
Better keep some survivor supplies on hand.
Best wishes to the sufferers of Virginia's 6.29.12 storm.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Out Yonder

Monday, July 2, 2012

(post that was errantly posted on my mothballed first gen blog by not so smart sometimes phone ;)

Out yonder

"go out yonder, peace in the valley" Richard Manuel, the Band.
That song ran through my head as I gazed at the grazing sheep.

I put my coffee cup down under the spreading maple. Then the spider web surrounded my head and I spilled my coffee while extracting the web from my head. Reminding me that peaceful
Valleys are only possible in songs, poems, stories and childhood memories.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wrong blog, right day

As I try to post using a tiny keyboard and new techno jazz, I accidentally posted "out yonder" on my archived blog, the first generation travelogue. There it will stay until I figure out how to move it. It did remind me I have been blogging now for about 4 years and it looks easier than it is to keep up. Here is a pic "out yonder" until I move the other.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Maintenance & care of your blog

I have my blog,
You have yours,
In between the two of us,
Can we stop a war?

Can words truly fight the swords
Of mighty mighty men?

Can words heal wounds,
Cure disease and then,
Can they hurt you,
Mom said "words cannot hurt you"
Was it really, really true?

Are words unspoken,
Silent moments,
More powerful at times?

Words are learned &
Come in all flavors
They can mean such different things.

I put my words here,
When time & systems allow me,
Now hooked on sharing words,
Daily bread from
My mind

Maintenance: I am unable to moderate comments right now and appreciate them all. Will post comments once I get back on line. Thanks for reading. Mary