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Friday, July 6, 2012


The Storm last Friday in Virginia seem largely underrated by the press. Afterwards, Many who could have reported were unable to facebook, tweet or call, drive, eat,cool food, cook food, draw water, plug in, cool off, or even mentate.
On a battery powered radio, The sleepy NPR announcer said 2,000 without power.
Turned out to be  2 million.
The heat, for me, unbearable. Still recovering from that pervasive heat.
With each moment, an awareness, there were many worse off, completely cut off, in more need.
The storm, had a fancy name, it was a tumbleweed of Hell, rolling over us in a giant frenzy.
We heard a howl, above, almost the freight train sound, lightning, pounding, sticks blowing up against my brother's house, wind pulsating, whipping tree branches up and down, lit by electrical flashes, long after the power died. Each time a wave of heavy wind, a slowing, then a revving again.
I finally fell asleep about midnight out of sheer overheated exhaustion.
In the morning, giants trees snapped and felled. Other items untouched.
We were OK and then began survivor mode. For me, conservation of energy mode, maximum cooling, limit heat. My frogg toggs towel helped keep me somewhat cool.
The places we visited needed us as we did their company. Photos are being worked into 2 movies and will be out soon. The trip, though a storm challenge shared by 2 million other people, was all worthwhile.
On the way home our plane flew into DC slipping right under one heavy black cloud spewing lightning. It was a wild ride with the drunk guys in back saying Whee...
Last night, another blast of a storm, thankfully we dodged this one's damaging winds, we saw places with trees down.
Looks like these storm-steam rolling storms are on a roll lately.
Better keep some survivor supplies on hand.
Best wishes to the sufferers of Virginia's 6.29.12 storm.

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