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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Maintenance & care of your blog

I have my blog,
You have yours,
In between the two of us,
Can we stop a war?

Can words truly fight the swords
Of mighty mighty men?

Can words heal wounds,
Cure disease and then,
Can they hurt you,
Mom said "words cannot hurt you"
Was it really, really true?

Are words unspoken,
Silent moments,
More powerful at times?

Words are learned &
Come in all flavors
They can mean such different things.

I put my words here,
When time & systems allow me,
Now hooked on sharing words,
Daily bread from
My mind

Maintenance: I am unable to moderate comments right now and appreciate them all. Will post comments once I get back on line. Thanks for reading. Mary


  1. This is a great piece.

    Having had once a poetry blog, a lot of jealousy which did lead me to destroy a camera, surely many a line I can relate to. And yes, there's many times much "background noise" to a blog, one wouldn't expect to see.

    Please have a good new month ahead.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. best. mary


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