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Monday, July 2, 2012

Wrong blog, right day

As I try to post using a tiny keyboard and new techno jazz, I accidentally posted "out yonder" on my archived blog, the first generation travelogue. There it will stay until I figure out how to move it. It did remind me I have been blogging now for about 4 years and it looks easier than it is to keep up. Here is a pic "out yonder" until I move the other.


  1. Great pictures, Mary, as usual! This certainly made me think about the fact that pictures of nature are not time-stamped. Such pictures are timeless. I can't tell if you took these pix yesterday or five years ago.

  2. WEll! Is it wrong of me (of course it is, but I can't spell rhetorical) to be happy another blogger is fighting with their posting? My blog is making me CRAZY(er)!!!! They are making "improvements" RIGHT...We shall see it through. We need our crumbs.

  3. Thanks friends. Finally back in civilization and I appreciate the comments and friendship.mary


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