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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NE Edge of the storm



The Northeast edge of the storm Sandy

Not much damage here

She will be around until at least Thursday/Stay tuned

Thinking of our metro NY and coastal people

Mom Tribute October 2012

This was a video I put together in a hurry. I lost the audio at about 3:49 on the timer.
It was the part with my sister reciting this poem I wrote 2 years ago.
Wanted to post this now, knowing it is all not perfectly polished. Storm Sandy is coming!


Today we all came to celebrate One.

You gave us life, You gave us some

Of your life, your sweet smile, your philosophy of love,

Your heart, your soul, your image of above.

Your modern way of thinking was ahead of your time,

Your stollen, cookies and kolaches, sublime,

You sing like a bird, worked like a dog

Raised seven children, part of it a fog.

You did pretty much what you wanted to do,

Still there is restlessness deep within you.

Your Bohemian side, a gypsy at heart,

Fights your sensible Swede head for a start.

You are conflicted, a human for sure,

At 85 what more do you have to endure?

You have had love and pain, sorrow and joy,

A full life indeed, and one you enjoyed.

Teaching us all the lessons of life,

Hoping you can keep us free from strife,

Always a mother, a shaman, a friend,

Loving to discuss your view of “the end”.

Just when I wonder what more you have waiting,

And your every word I am anticipating

Some wisdom therein you are sure to find

It is all there in that steel trap mind.

Today we came for your 85th year,

Hoping to give you a dose of good cheer

To lift your spirits, show you the way

That we all love you

We are here,


Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Coming

The storm has already done some serious damage.
Storm Sandy is Heading this way,
Being 800 miles wide,
Yesterday, Sunday, in Vermont, The outer fringes were already wispy, innocent looking clouds,
the air too warm for late October,
scary warm.
At the grocery store,
calm at first, then, what seemed to be a group
seemed to swarm the aisles and started
scary pushing.
Then at home we spent a glorious day outside, put away loose things,
waterhoses, the end of the garden.
It was timely anyway, since winter is just around the corner,
the last of the leaves mercifully fell before they will be blown all over
by the coming storm.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

psalm challenge #77

if there was a time to jump into the weekly psalm challenge it would perhaps be now.
7 is a lucky number, so 77 must be twice as lucky
in fact, 77 is all about luck, isn't it?

The rain poured down, thunder, lightning, cold,
my wind grew shallow, my muscles weary,
my faith stretched and the cord was fraying,
with no more hope, i set to praying.

i prayed and sang a song of faith,
i prayed my ancestors could heal their strife,
my troubles re-visited, they were part of me after all,
they put us where we are, where we were,
before and
after the fall.

the ocean stretched before me wide,
my heart welled up deep inside,
a human i am, flawed and soft inside,
turning over my troubles,
on the bumpy, wild ride.

my cats forget all their arguments, their troubles and pains,
and us humans revisit again and again,
painful sad memories
when we get stuck in the sand,
praying for our father to
free us again.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wingless Angels by Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck

these guys are great
last year we saw them with levon & his band at suicide six ski area summer concert.
the day after, irene wiped out roads everywhere, bridges, farms, lives.
these men and levon knew that hardship first hand.
now sandy threatens our area monday late/early tuesday
and these guys are putting out awesome music

wanted to post a little of  their soul nourishing gritty fare...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Path

The Path

easy to see,
there it was,
right before me.
The Path,
the map was lost,
long ago,
now there is just
the path.
Worn down,
you thought the path may
have been forgotten.
Some would choose
a different way,
and tell you yours is
wrong someway.
Nod and tell them
thanks for the thought,
the path you take
is the path you wrought.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spirograph Nebula

The Spirograph Nebula (IC 418)

i begged mom for a spirograph for christmas,
never believing in santa,
i saw how mom had to work every day
to pay back the plastic promise cards.
there never was a santa for me.
i felt like i saved some time that way and
had many happy hours with my spirograph.
funny this image popped up yesterday.

since mom has left the material plane,
i have had a few feelings like mom was playing tricks.
she would do these little pranks and no one suspected her
she would giggle her little giggle,
she delighted in life.

the other night when we got home from the memorial weekend,
i was typing, surfing the web, filtering spam,
suddenly, the "period" key disappeared.
it was quite unsettling.
it made me wonder...
where ever was the period key?
how can i not see it?
every other key in perfect focus.
as soon as it was gone,
it reappeared.
(mom was a professional typist 120 wpm, flawless
because way back there was no edit key, i loved to watch her type or run an adding machine)

i will always hear grace's voice in my head singing
"i never heard them at all, till there was you..."

when we all stood around my mother's remains,
it was like a giant spirograph
of energy,
these people who love each other,
love her,
were loved by her,
and who circulated
with energies the colors of the rainbow.
the sun shining finally
pushing away the clouds,
a spirograph of feelings,
they will circle and circle,
weave in and out
and always surround us
with all the colors


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Family



among mom’s wisdoms….

Black Country Communion "Cold" Live Over Europe

Home today...
feel like posting
whenever i bloody well feel like it
whatever i bloody well feel like
typos or not
Found another gem by these masters...

Who are we?

I never really dug deep enough I suppose,
or was not ready for the truth or
too worried about insignificantia to
investigate further.
I accepted the notion my Great Great Grandfather
was Prussian by heritage and left Prussia circa 1848...
to avoid mandatory service in the military as he was a farmer.
Actually, he was a Dane who lived in an area destined to become part of Germany.
He avoided service
to keep from killing his brothers
what kind of feeling did he harbor?
how did he cope with the news his people were slaughtered for land?
why were we calling ourselves german? How did that evolve?
several article links on history:

SWAMP CABBAGE - SHAFT - Live at the Bowery Electric in NYC

Music link for a Tuesday...Nice!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

When I Go Away

Incredible timing.
I was just listening to Levon's version on the plane coming home from Mom's incredible memorial service.
Nice job by the Purgatory players...

Peaceful Day

peaceful day

Saturday, October 20, 2012



today we are taking you to the ground,
the burial ground of your ancestors,
who were the children of pioneers,
wives, soldiers, miners,
carpenters and farmers
who traveled to the US
on the Atlantic with
a bag of belongings,
and a dream.
you waited a long time
to be with your father
and your mother
and Jay,
so long.
we will miss you
and we thank you
for the Love you gave us
We love you

Monday, October 15, 2012



of a place,
could be anytime.
just you
and the sky
and a field of flowers
and you just

Sunday, October 14, 2012


The first widespread

killing type frost 
happened Friday night just after we finished picking
pretty much what we thought we could process or store.
Today we are making Jalapeno Salsa.
Also will process what we can of the rest: cabbage, chard, tomatillos.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


why we blog

and you should too
What you say, see, think, hear or believe,
is shared by at least one if not a billion people
if even one says
well done
the energy of the message, that you formulate,
compose, devise,
then respond,
and publish,
that energy is precious
in spite of
sometimes glaring typos you cannot see until the next day,
and even then,
it is your blog.
it is OK.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Colors Wane

The sun rays are lower,
 some of the leaves are gone,
in the shadows,
we feel the veil fall.
The fall colors wane
reds fall then orange and gold.
Browns and bronze are last,
then comes the bitter cold.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not Defatiguable

Not Defatiguable

Fully Deflatable,
Inversely Successful,
more so
at times.
Not too Invincible,
Easily Convincable,
 more so
at times.
While I am Exhaustible,
Luckily I am Healable,
and my Doctor
A lesson from the Fatiguable,
Pace yourself, Rest often,
Be Bendable
more so
at times.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Pics

Lincoln, Vermont

On Top of the World

More Fall Pics from the Archives.
with gas @ 4-5 bucks a gal,
cheaper to take a virtual tour of VT.
something we noticed profoundly this fall:
lack of tourist travel
Soon the leaves will fall ...
For now the show is spectacular this year

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Interview with a Clone, Chapter 16

Interview with a Clone

By Mary E. Gerdt

All rights reserved

Chapter 16

Alice had been “off line’ for some time. She turned off the com, went back to nature, tended her overdue projects, and tried to get in touch with...she knew not...

What was Next.

Alice had been unaware of the Mars colonists’ plight. Her mother was the scientist-warrior-soldier. Alice never made plans for herself. Now, faced with choices, she became overwhelmed. She answered the phone and received a Star’s ovation from the Mars colonists.

Now what?

Gigi asked, “Alice, are you there?”

Alice replied, “Absolutely Mars, I am present.”

Gigi asked the crowd to hold their applause. They had a show to do.

“This is Gigi Fairweather on Mars,

(a lost cause and ticking time bomb awaiting rescue.)

Alice Karma on Earth (polluted, crowded, filled with greedy b*st*ards and the disillusioned),

who is the Cloned daughter of Dr. Susan Wolf (Egotistical Over-Achieving Competitive Genius-Scientist-Warrior-Inventor).

Gigi continued, “Alice, let’s begin at the beginning, with your Mother, Dr. Wolf.

Alice began, “Thank you Gigi, It helps to have a starting point.... My Mother is the only parent I ever had. I thought early on that I had a father and it was better that I thought I was no different than any other human being.”

The audience on Mars was mesmerized. Families gathered around their com’s and listened to the history like theirs, they were trailblazers, breaking conventional rules, taking chances, and right now in dire peril. It was easier to take in the story of a cloned human than to focus on their own potential demise, oh and of course, their immediate hunger.

“My Mom, Susan, is what everyone called her, including me.

Susan spoke 10 major languages fluently. She co-wrote the Mars Dialect which was a precursor to the Universal Martian Language. She had a grasp of the proper order of things. It is hard to explain…She flew airplanes, rockets, helicopters, submarines. She had a photographic memory and
Extraordinary discipline.”

On Mars, the masses were contented with the stories from a girl on a beach on Earth. The solar flare ups limited their time on the radio.

Alice’s voice broke up as did Gigi’s on Alice’s end.

The first show had been aired.

Alice and Gigi would try to continue the interplanetary interview again next week. So far it seemed a success on both planets.

Mars Colony found a reason to go on, a reason to hang on, a reason to be civil to each other, a common focus.

Gigi found a secret panacea for the starving masses in the cloned daughter of her friend.

Alice found a reason to get off the beach, then focus on a purpose: to explore this mysterious familiar woman, her mother, who cloned herself to make Alice, Dr. Susan Wolf.






Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Woods Walk 10

This was a movie I made in 2010.
Today I let Youtube suggest some music and I liked this one...
Thanks to the musician,
I am Kloot for the song,
No Fear of Falling

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hubble's Capture


The Hubble and scientists who use her
snapped a good one of Mars
never closer in 60,000 years
the image above was captured at the closest moment possible
August 2003
This year my name went to Mars on a chip
There I am known as Aryanna
Here I try to write a serial novel about Mars colonization and Cloning,
Interview with a Clone,
which I had on hold for awhile
Soon the next chapter will be revealed
This Hubble photo is a good inspiration to go on

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Colors

The weather is wet and cloudy
which makes the leaves
change colors.

photos from the archives.

Peak color now in many areas of Vermont

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

help keep it goin....

The Concert for Levon Helm is today in NJ.
Wish we could be there and yet we are happy that many musicians are coming to this ultimate tribute.
Here is a link to Imus show where they have a link to video by The Dirt Farmer Band,,,
hey and a free blog morsel that still won't print the dough to subscribe and comment in the positive.
Will listen on the radio...

give to levon


Monday, October 1, 2012

Fork Tails

Fork Tail memories
Swallows on the line.
Chattering, flying, eating,
Is any of it for fun?
Now they fly south, farther than I have ever been,
and their images, fascinate me always,
these delicate rugged flying marvels.
happy october...