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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spirograph Nebula

The Spirograph Nebula (IC 418)

i begged mom for a spirograph for christmas,
never believing in santa,
i saw how mom had to work every day
to pay back the plastic promise cards.
there never was a santa for me.
i felt like i saved some time that way and
had many happy hours with my spirograph.
funny this image popped up yesterday.

since mom has left the material plane,
i have had a few feelings like mom was playing tricks.
she would do these little pranks and no one suspected her
she would giggle her little giggle,
she delighted in life.

the other night when we got home from the memorial weekend,
i was typing, surfing the web, filtering spam,
suddenly, the "period" key disappeared.
it was quite unsettling.
it made me wonder...
where ever was the period key?
how can i not see it?
every other key in perfect focus.
as soon as it was gone,
it reappeared.
(mom was a professional typist 120 wpm, flawless
because way back there was no edit key, i loved to watch her type or run an adding machine)

i will always hear grace's voice in my head singing
"i never heard them at all, till there was you..."

when we all stood around my mother's remains,
it was like a giant spirograph
of energy,
these people who love each other,
love her,
were loved by her,
and who circulated
with energies the colors of the rainbow.
the sun shining finally
pushing away the clouds,
a spirograph of feelings,
they will circle and circle,
weave in and out
and always surround us
with all the colors


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