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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mom Tribute October 2012

This was a video I put together in a hurry. I lost the audio at about 3:49 on the timer.
It was the part with my sister reciting this poem I wrote 2 years ago.
Wanted to post this now, knowing it is all not perfectly polished. Storm Sandy is coming!


Today we all came to celebrate One.

You gave us life, You gave us some

Of your life, your sweet smile, your philosophy of love,

Your heart, your soul, your image of above.

Your modern way of thinking was ahead of your time,

Your stollen, cookies and kolaches, sublime,

You sing like a bird, worked like a dog

Raised seven children, part of it a fog.

You did pretty much what you wanted to do,

Still there is restlessness deep within you.

Your Bohemian side, a gypsy at heart,

Fights your sensible Swede head for a start.

You are conflicted, a human for sure,

At 85 what more do you have to endure?

You have had love and pain, sorrow and joy,

A full life indeed, and one you enjoyed.

Teaching us all the lessons of life,

Hoping you can keep us free from strife,

Always a mother, a shaman, a friend,

Loving to discuss your view of “the end”.

Just when I wonder what more you have waiting,

And your every word I am anticipating

Some wisdom therein you are sure to find

It is all there in that steel trap mind.

Today we came for your 85th year,

Hoping to give you a dose of good cheer

To lift your spirits, show you the way

That we all love you

We are here,



  1. A beautiful tribute to your mom Mary.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Karen, Mom is now was (even though I do not believe in was)special. It was a great gathering as well. Have a great week.mary


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