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Sunday, October 28, 2012

psalm challenge #77

if there was a time to jump into the weekly psalm challenge it would perhaps be now.
7 is a lucky number, so 77 must be twice as lucky
in fact, 77 is all about luck, isn't it?

The rain poured down, thunder, lightning, cold,
my wind grew shallow, my muscles weary,
my faith stretched and the cord was fraying,
with no more hope, i set to praying.

i prayed and sang a song of faith,
i prayed my ancestors could heal their strife,
my troubles re-visited, they were part of me after all,
they put us where we are, where we were,
before and
after the fall.

the ocean stretched before me wide,
my heart welled up deep inside,
a human i am, flawed and soft inside,
turning over my troubles,
on the bumpy, wild ride.

my cats forget all their arguments, their troubles and pains,
and us humans revisit again and again,
painful sad memories
when we get stuck in the sand,
praying for our father to
free us again.


  1. Very inspired poem, and a great picture indeed !

    Nice participation...

    I hope you will come to see mine :

  2. Thank you very much for this 'different' participation; your effort upon this great poem.

    Yes, praying seems indeed to be helpful many a time. Please have a good new week ahead. Looking forward for further pieces of yours.

  3. That is a moving and meaningful poem.

  4. I enjoyed your creative poem/psalm. The seagull on the sand is a scene I'm familiar with too, though perhaps yours is in a different part of the world.

  5. Thanks to all for the comments. The photo is Hampton Beach, New Hampshire,US during the late winter off-season. Have a great week, mary


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