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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Interview with a Clone, Chapter 16

Interview with a Clone

By Mary E. Gerdt

All rights reserved

Chapter 16

Alice had been “off line’ for some time. She turned off the com, went back to nature, tended her overdue projects, and tried to get in touch with...she knew not...

What was Next.

Alice had been unaware of the Mars colonists’ plight. Her mother was the scientist-warrior-soldier. Alice never made plans for herself. Now, faced with choices, she became overwhelmed. She answered the phone and received a Star’s ovation from the Mars colonists.

Now what?

Gigi asked, “Alice, are you there?”

Alice replied, “Absolutely Mars, I am present.”

Gigi asked the crowd to hold their applause. They had a show to do.

“This is Gigi Fairweather on Mars,

(a lost cause and ticking time bomb awaiting rescue.)

Alice Karma on Earth (polluted, crowded, filled with greedy b*st*ards and the disillusioned),

who is the Cloned daughter of Dr. Susan Wolf (Egotistical Over-Achieving Competitive Genius-Scientist-Warrior-Inventor).

Gigi continued, “Alice, let’s begin at the beginning, with your Mother, Dr. Wolf.

Alice began, “Thank you Gigi, It helps to have a starting point.... My Mother is the only parent I ever had. I thought early on that I had a father and it was better that I thought I was no different than any other human being.”

The audience on Mars was mesmerized. Families gathered around their com’s and listened to the history like theirs, they were trailblazers, breaking conventional rules, taking chances, and right now in dire peril. It was easier to take in the story of a cloned human than to focus on their own potential demise, oh and of course, their immediate hunger.

“My Mom, Susan, is what everyone called her, including me.

Susan spoke 10 major languages fluently. She co-wrote the Mars Dialect which was a precursor to the Universal Martian Language. She had a grasp of the proper order of things. It is hard to explain…She flew airplanes, rockets, helicopters, submarines. She had a photographic memory and
Extraordinary discipline.”

On Mars, the masses were contented with the stories from a girl on a beach on Earth. The solar flare ups limited their time on the radio.

Alice’s voice broke up as did Gigi’s on Alice’s end.

The first show had been aired.

Alice and Gigi would try to continue the interplanetary interview again next week. So far it seemed a success on both planets.

Mars Colony found a reason to go on, a reason to hang on, a reason to be civil to each other, a common focus.

Gigi found a secret panacea for the starving masses in the cloned daughter of her friend.

Alice found a reason to get off the beach, then focus on a purpose: to explore this mysterious familiar woman, her mother, who cloned herself to make Alice, Dr. Susan Wolf.






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