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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Wishes

Thanksgiving Wishes
I wish you all the best
Even those who are green
And those who are pests
Those that are blue,
Yes, and you too,
And may you see
All that will be
And all that has been
And that we are all me
That if you hurt
Or are hungry or sad,
So am I.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Winter's Doorstep

Mom, This is for you.

Winter's Doorstep,
Cold and Damp.
Stuff rags in the house cracks,
Put wood in the stove.
Remember days left behind in their warmth,
Smell the soft flowers there in your mind,
Recall all the projects you meant to complete,
Nod off while the cats curl up at your feet.
When you dream, make it warm, green fragrant fields,
And summer's blue skies,
And the way cool streams feel.
When you wake up again,
Toss your sleepy warm thoughts,
Then go fetch the wood,
To keep you warm tonight.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carrots are in

Carrots are in,
And we canned 14 quarts of beautiful sweet carrots.
It took us all day and was worth it to have carrots harvested after a cold period.
All the nutrients settle into the root and the sugars change with cold.
Delightful orange red color. Stains your hands and smells slightly like mild horseradish.
We also cooked up the last of the beets pulled in mid November. As long as the slugs don't do damage, we have our best roots now.
Have had a bit of indian summer and even mild 40's. Mostly Rain not snow (1-3 inches doesn't count for us) like our upper midwesterners got.
Lately we have been roasting carrots with a little sugar free maple syrup drizzled.Yum! Of course you can use the real maple syrup too.
Wish you and yours the best

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stick Season

All Saints Herald Stick Season

No, I don't mean hockey season but if the skate fits...

I mean after fall and before the snow. Fall being the falling of leaves, the conclusion to summer, not the date that appears on the calender as the first day of fall.

So for awhile we ponder the bare sticks and wonder how just a few weeks ago, they appeared to be so full of life. The picture here is of a large birch tree clump up on Lincoln Mountain. Those leaves are now all on the ground.

While my niece romps about ??upside down in South America readying for or reveling in Spring. What a wonderful planet. I wish her great travels and stories that will last a lifetime.

We still have carrots to can but keep saying not this weekend.

This weekend sealing cracks in the house to face the soon howling winds.

And tearing down abandoned cobwebs and with it dust.
I started sewing scraps onto a larger scrap piece. Crazy quilt is the pattern. Weird how when you bind together such seemingly opposite fabrics, the stitching is a thread running through the two different fabrics and magically bind them together.
Let's all hope whoever wins Tuesday, they are able to find the right needle and thread to keep us all from holding onto our differences and bind us together in a crazy beautiful quilt.