Tuesday, July 19, 2011


was the post I kept thinking about.
The Utopian paradise,
A Theme Park for adults,
Everything for you,

Then I read Meredith's post about a judge ruling from the heart so to speak.
Sure to get him invites to great champagne parties,
his grandchildren will write of his epic decision.

in Vermont,
in the Jungle,
plant employees are preparing to be laid off,
find new places to live,
stores that sell them things are making new plans,
the school wondering how to pay their bills when all the taxpayers move out,
leaving a ghost town.

Unsuspecting rate payers,
by candle power,
will peruse their bill and accuse each other
of leaving something running,
when actually it was just the more expensive power.

The legal field should be stunned,
legislating from the bench makes all lawyers squirm,
a thrill and concern
someday it may go against them.

Read Meredith's article and if you get all happy about shutting down a nuke,
there is more to the story,
and Meredith knows it.

Thank you Meredith,


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