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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Music

It was a strange string of moments that pulled me to check Levon's schedule in my margin.
First, I checked feedjit, my analyst for who is reading what and how they got here.
My form of QA, my feedback loop to see if what I write has any merit, is it even relevant,
is it something others scoff, laugh at, or enjoy, or both.
Some days I do not care what other people think (smart)
and other days, I just cannot keep my mind off that subject.
So anyway, I saw someone searched for Levon's summer jazz festival concert in Burlington.
What a great one that was.
So I re-read the post, reminiscing, and re read the message I gave last year.
Look in my margin for Levon's schedule.
Then I did.
There was a new dot, in Vermont, right there.
I clicked and found our Levon is coming to Woodstock, Vermont in August.
Then we went to and clicked us out a couple tickets.
We are in for some fine summer music,
I began to wonder at the strange set of circumstances
that led me to find these tickets.
Thanks to the universe,
Where we sometimes experience tragedy
and magic,


  1. I thought I'd let you know that because I do most of my blog reading on Google Reader, it does not show up on your Feedjit scroll. But I read every single post you write in its entirety.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. It really helps. I read all of your posts as well although sometimes a week behind. Great how www stores our stream. Wish I could read my grandmother's blog. What were her rants? Thanks for stopping by as always, keep cool, mary

  3. This describes summer music well. I love the summer even though this heat is hard to deal with MS. I just found you and it looks like we have been blogging a while now....


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