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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Silent Independence Day

A Silent Summer Night

It seemed so quiet,
and other little Chinese cardboard things
filled with black powder
that glow or sparkle
(sometimes fizzle like a dud)
sometimes burning
sometimes sparking a fire
that destroys.

For different reasons,
no one bought the fireworks,
some were mandates to prevent
those horrid fires
in the dry parts of the US.

Some were too poor to
the Independence
of our favored country,
the one that helps everyone else,
like a parent,
sacrificing lifeblood and money
so others may be free.

This year a silent celebration,
not one pop did I hear,
no sizzle
no bang
no happy campers.

Did others hear the silence this year?
The politicians busy
cancelling vacation
or did they really?

How independent are we,
when the people cannot celebrate
the independence of our country
because the cost is too great?

I do not want to be so dark
By pointing out the darkness
that there was that special night.
No fireworks,
no poppers,
no sparkling,
just dark.

Will the politicians really think of me,
as they pass those laws while
they are texting their family,
"be back to the beach after this vote"?

Will the politicians hear
the silence that is there,
that night,
that dark, dark night?

Will we sink or swim
in the years to follow?

Will the silence
find its freedom
and ring?

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