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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Looking for more about Follicles

He really has the best explanations for how the body is made
and how it works, and when it does not work, why.
He also manages to stimulate deep thought, discussing anatomy
and English in equal levels of mastery.
So I wanted to know more about ova, eggs, human development.
I still want to test my theory that your grandmother is actually your mother,
it is a hard concept initially.
I was told once a woman is born with all the eggs she will ever use.
Well, path guy says a follicle or several will rise to the occasion each month or so.
No one really knows why a certain one or two follicles will pony up, ready to be a person.
I wondered if the planetary gravitational pulls causes one to be brought forth? Which
would validate some of the astrology stuff. Except, that we should be mapping the stars
and planets at conception, not at birth.
Back to pathguy for some reading on this.
If this is too far out there for you,
back to what you were doing,
I want to learn more about

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