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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July ER Blues

July ER Blues

Went to the ER,
Needed a place to go,
Where the man can fix you,
You know how it goes:

Empty when you get there
Then it fills right up
Man says he's a Doctor,
But he's just a pup.

Girl says I am so sorry
and says What did you do
I said I done hurt myself
I got those ER Blues,

you know,
It's the worst time of the year.
To be hitting the old ER,
Cause it's full to here.

First one says It ain't too bad
next one isn't sure
Third one has to call someone
How can we all endure....

Those Blues,
Those July ER Blues,
I am crazy, hurting and cranky,
Got them old July
ER Blues......

The doctor says it won't be long
Before you are out of here,
The man in the next bed cries
The baby cries so near,
The yelling in the hallway starts,
You want to walk right out,
But something's busted good you know
or you never would have come out
to that old
Where you trained yourself.
And it doesn't help to know more,
You wished you knew a little less,

You got them,
You got them old


  1. Mary, I hope you're okay. You described quite well what it's like to be in the ER from the patient's perspective.

  2. Yes, it actually was my husband and he was hurt but survived the er. Now will take time to mend. Thought it needed to be said. I also worked there so I knew the drill. We need health care reform in a different way than just financial. Thanks for stopping by friends! mary


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