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Friday, July 1, 2011

Cabin Fever

My periodontal hygienist was making great small talk,
the kind the a nod, grunt, or raised eyebrow can answer

Cabin Fever she said...
Oh I had not wanted to think that...
Immediately, a mental scan of this past winter
then spring, now a third of summer gone,
I have had
the dreaded
Cabin Fever.

The good news is 9 months post LANAP surgery,
my gums look good, fairly easy cleaning,
and she complemented my flossing.
I wondered if my overall bacterial load had reduced,
the bacteria that none of ever really want to talk about.
The billions in and on our bodies.
Some good, some not so good.

Meanwhile, someone stole 17 million from the taxpayers of VT's largest city
and the prosecutor
has an anemic palsy,
he just can't spend
so much time
on such a dinky case.
suck it up again taxpayers.
You cannot tell me that this does not affect every VT taxpayer.
17 million,
city has to pay, taxpayers suffer
paying a statewide tax.
sorry to get back to this again and again,
no am not sorry.
am sorry so many cannot fight these taxes,
paralyzed with fear, fatigue and being genereally overwhelmed.

where is that cabin fever doctor?

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