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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swallow Flight Training & Crow Talk

The swallows have been doing a bang up job dessimating many bugs, feeding their babies.
Now the first baby swallows are in flight school.
We watched them sit and a parent comes by and basically knocks them off into flight.
The parents are after the kids all the time to practice flying and learning to feed themselves, these 6 week old baby birds who, in another 12 weeks or so,
will fly to South America
with their next siblings soon to hatch.

And I got to talk with Mom as I sat out back on a nice day. We had a nice conversation as usual.
Then a crow cawed in the distance, a familiar friend.
Mom did not hear it, a thousand miles away.
Then the crow flew and hovered directly over my head,
Caw, many I do not remember exactly, I think 5.
Did you hear that? I asked Mom.
Yes, she heard him that time,
our friendly crow friend.
"I didn't understand what he said", Mom said and then added, "I don't speak Crow."
I don't either, of course.
But I never tire of hearing Crow Talk.

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