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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunshine and Shadows

I am so honored to receive
The Sunshine award,
from my dear friend Herrad,
who lives across the pond.

Stay tuned, it will pass to another blogger soon.

Meanwhile, while moderating my comments, I received a comment
on "Which 251".
That post was an attempt to explain that there are 251 towns in the state and about
as many different tax codes with their different ways of taking property
when you do not pay
"the man".
So rather than just let this poignant comment just be put on the shelf,
I am posting on my Sunshine post,
So sweet of Herrad to give Sunshine,
and the light from these anonymous comrade from a neighboring town
has made my day all the better.

anonymously received from my comments:
We have a lot of empathy for you. Our /Charlotte property tax is 26% of our taxable income. We are elderly, and have been told that legislators want to help keep us (the elderly)in our homes and that they are working on restructuring the school tax (the culprit). The legislature knows about our situation--we'll see how long it takes to get relief! We are at their mercy unless something like a class action suit can be brought. I assume you have written to all the legislators? Best wishes!!

For every sunbeam,
a shadow.

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