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Friday, June 10, 2011


I was born
of the
and the
and the rain.

And when
the dry spells happen,
there the rain is once again.

Sometimes too much,
Sometimes not enough.

Some days water pulls you down,
Some days it pushes you up.

Funny how the rain
it pours,
after lightning
and thunder,
sometimes that lifts my spirit
some days,
it puts me under.

addendum: did the massive solar flare touch off
the very impressive t-storms last noc?
We had a strike right behind the  house which inspired my poem.
I wrote it on paper because we had to shut down
all our phones with these storms.
Check out the links in the astronomy pic of the day-
awesome to watch the Sun close up....

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  1. This poem started with me imagining the night Or day I was conceived. My parents had 7 kids, I was number 5. My parents seem to argue a lot so I wondered how they ever could have sex? Therefore conceive? I learned in nursing school to determine conception date, go forward 3 months from birthdate. That would be July. I figured Mom's birthday.Now in Southern Illinois, in Summer 1957, without air conditioning, I deduced the only time you could be cool enough to enjoy sex would be after a thunderstorm 🤦‍♀️


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