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Thursday, June 16, 2011

4 Years

4 years

I have been
on this study,
to find a way to
slow down or
The MonSter
called MS.

Every 3 months,
I visit my clinic
some used to be my
on the neuro floor,
years ago,
soon to be
30 Years

It does not seem like
4 years,
or 30 years,
I feel little difference
in who I am.

The protein soup
or placebo,
is what
I ingest
through subcutaneous
or intramuscular
means using
sharp hollow needles,
(much better than the
bigger ones of 30 years ago).

It is thought
that perhaps it is a decoy for my
immune system,
but the bottom line you get,
they just do not know if it works,
or why.

Still, today,
in clinic
I felt like Hill
was sitting somewhere near me,
somehow in his afterlife,
was he still second guessing
his studies?

And I gave him a silent tribute,
all to myself,
I loved that Doctor
and his ways
of looking at you
and listening...
so rare.

And when Angie came bouncing into the room,
Hill's Protege,
the right person to take his place,
I silently thanked Hill
for picking her,
for making this wonderful clinic,
for his brave bold studies,
and for his succession plans.

I never called him Hill,
but his friends did,
and after taking his study meds
for 4 years,
just thought I would get informal,
 like I worked there again.

I really felt his presence this time,
and as I laughed with Angie
and the other staff,
I think I saw him smile again.


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