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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Halls of Shame II

The Halls of Shame II
by mary e. gerdt
2011 all rights reserved

the halls of shame
are dark and long,
a lonely place &
hard to escape

i published my rants
on my blog and wrote to
all the politicians
i could handle
about how property tax lien sales in Vermont
mean spirited,
and lack due process
by design

that the rules of abatement
are dependent on your stature in town &
how badly someone wants what you have
or wants to destroy who you are.

no response was seen
day after day
i recently started trying to blog & write to the so called free press
about towns and how they have powers
that take my rights away &
they censored me

and when the vt senator who nearly saw his 500k house sold
for 6k that was due 4 months ago
said, we have been shamed
i wondered
why did he think this was

i guess the same reason i did

i hoped maybe he would re-look at all the laws
that allow
one local person in each town to foreclose on your
property to satisfy
and unconstitutional penalties
as if we taxpayers
are all sinners
as reported
by the national enquirer trained
so called reporters

what do they know of the halls of shame?

my reporting more street credible,
more personal

and when a lawyer says he cannot pay the taxes
because business is slow
and his legislation
became his own undoing

it is time for a change
in the halls of shame

"the best way to repeal a bad law is to enforce it strictly" Abraham Lincoln

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