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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three Longest Days

Today is the second of the three longest daylight days for us in the Northern Hemisphere.
When I did a post of the Three Shortest Days, someone searched google for the three shortest days.
So, while I found it strange that I would do a post about some strange thought I had,
I found it even stranger that someone else thought something even similar.
We get a little daylight obsessed up here, are so light deprived in the winter.
So today being
The Longest Daylight Day
it is naturally special,
and a little sadness
leaks through
when we think
The light of day will get progressively shorter a tiny bit each day until December 20 something.
We managed to prepare a few more garden beds last night
and hope to plant some more before the next rainfall.
Enjoy the Longest Day today
and try to hold that thought.
Summer begins today.


  1. This feels like the longest spring that I can remember and one of cold and wettest too. As for our first day of summer is cool and wet and the rivers will again go up to flood stage. Most farm fields have ponds doting the corn and soy bean that's half the size it should be. The high temp for Tuesday will 68 degrees.
    Not to worry I will enjoy the longest day, as I enjoyed the shortest day. Sunday is forecasted to be 80 degrees around here we say here "If don't like the weather do not worry because it will soon change and anything is better than snow!"

  2. We have sunshine today and temporary dry slot. Fields are pretty sad looking. Thanks for the reminder about snow. Happy Solstice! Mary


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