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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More of Mom's pictures

More of Mom's pictures.
I can still smell the oils and I loved all the colors of paint.

Mark Twain

Mary (me)

My photo

a little better view of The Cat

We always called him "The Indian"

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mom's paintings

Mom's Art

Mom painted these
about the time I was in 10 to 12 or so.

I love the cat.

The Fish

The Zinnias.

I have a few more but have to get them photographed and downloaded.

I hope you enjoy Mom's paintings.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Hard Frost

A Hard Frost swept over the the valley and nothing escaped damage this time.
Jack Frost he is called, a rascal for sure.
We picked all the peppers and medium artichokes (covered large ones for flowers).
and watermelon, broccoli and spaghetti squash.
At least the ragweed is dead too and the mold can settle a little clearing the air.
And today's rain means we can stay in and relax.
Good with the bad.
Have a great day wherever you are on the planet.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Christopher Reeve (on Friday)

I have been wanting to post a link to Christopher Reeves website. It is posted below. What a marvelous person he was and his wife as well. Now his kids are picking up their parent's torch so that others may benefit from his famous name and his more importantly his work with spinal cord injury.
Before Christopher Reeve's accident, I was a hospital neuro nurse who cared for patients after spinal cord injuries and talked to them about "acceptance", "moving on from anger", in those days we would close the door and have a talk. I tried to teach new patients how to survive in the world from a chair with a body that could not move but still affected their health. I tried to teach them to see themselves in a new light.
Now after Christopher Reeve's courageous struggles and refusal to accept the status quo, we can see progress being made.
Thanks Christopher Reeve, Dana and now their children for supporting research and development of new ways and new treatments.

Stop by and give them a hand.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Autumnal Equinox

These pictures are from last year
but they show the range from  a late view
below  \|/

to peak in the maple woods
above /|\

We just have dabs of color today in the valley.
Nice mild weather after a near killing garden frost.
The garden looks pretty rugged but we did can saurkraut and stewed tomatoes last weekend
(tomatoes we got from Paul Mazza's wonderful farmstand.)
We steamed the artichokes and ripped their hearts out and froze in chicken broth for leek artichoke soup and appreciate why those little jars of marinated chokes cost so much.
I think I still have thorns. We left a few to flower fully and want to take pictures.
The plants are cold tolerant but the next frost will be a killer for sure.
So is the season of autumn.
Have a great day in your part of the planet.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Rolls In

Fall rolls in
by Mary E. Gerdt 2009
all rights reserved
Fall rolls in with a fury
Like squalls on the oceans
Or when you can't open a can
Or you drop a nice thing.
Fall colors amazing
While the weather holds out
Lots of brown this year
The summer was hard.
Falls I remember were sad with my loss
Some were happy
was tucked into bed
For the long winter is coming
The starlings they fly
In a great
pattern of aerial dance
for such a silly looking bird.
have a nice fall.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Small things

Small Things
by Mary E. Gerdt 2009. all rights reserved.
("Paws off!" Tommy would say)

Small things
can mean a lot to humans.
No this is not philosophical.
This is practical. My cubicle neighbor suggested it for just about anything external to a person's or dog's body.
I guess I had been warned in nursing school 30 years ago, that it could be harmful and should be treated with caution.
Well, that is true to an extent. The percentage/concentration was higher then for our mother's remedy nicknamed "peroxide"
or "Proxide" for expediency since it usually meant a scrape, bump or sore.
In fact it works well for all those uses unless a very deep abscess and even then just keep it out of the inside of the body because it foams.
For athlete's foot, fungal stuff, I keep a dark colored (light degrades it) squirt bottle in the bathtub. Squirt areas prone to fungus after shower and towel off.
Then I spray the tub area and shower curtain.
It turns to water and oxygen. No residue.
I clean all bathroom and kitchen surfaces and the scrubbing bubbles help de-scum and makes things shine. I spray on my sponge to keep fresh.
I know there are more uses. We have found less reliance on lysol, etc products and anti fungal stuff and also feel better for it.
So I know that you too may appreciate one of the little things that make this a better stay on Earth.
Think about it, it is just water and oxygen.
Watch out for heavier strengths-may need to be diluted. I can hear my nursing instructor after all these years.
P.S. Pat Leahy and Peter Welch wrote back their standard form letters. Better than nothing but not as personal or passionate as I was when writing them. Same old expectations getting in the way. It was to me as if what I wrote had no meaning. That hurts an egotistical writer like

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Sun Came Up

The Sun Came up
by Mary E. Gerdt
2009 all rights reserved

The Sun
Came up this morning,
In all its full glory,
A great friend I take for granted,
What if the Sun did not come up?

The Moon,
A companion on nights when
I cannot sleep and I wonder
If there is anything softer than moonlight?

The stars,
So often I ignore,
Or just cannot find the time,
To go out to see them,
Instead watching them through
The Hubble images I get
On the computer.

The Space,
In between this and that or this star and that star
Or me and you,
The space we never see
And think we know is there
Because someone told us there is space
Between this and that.

Molecules and atoms look different in my mind than in the minds of my grandchildren
Because science has changed and
I still see the electron orbiting the nucleus
And wonder how I would see things differently
If I were born today
Instead of 50 plus years ago.

The Earth I stand on feels so solid,
And stationary,
Could it really be just atoms and spaces,
More spaces than atoms,
Spinning in time,
While I am feeling totally still?

The time it takes to read this,
Will be gone before you know it,
Will you wonder as I do,
If the time really went anywhere,
Or is it still here,
Waiting for me to notice how time
Can be a ball,
Not a line,
Orbiting like our Earth home,
Waiting for us to come back
To where we began,
Looking at the Sun, from the Earth
For the first time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Earthly Connections

Thanks to Herrad for the connection and award.
I will try to post it when I have more patience.
Check out Maia's blog

I love traveling through this virtual web of humans.
Somehow it all makes our problems a little distant even for a moment or two.

Herrad follows so many of us and still manages to find and post the most amazing photos and imagery.
I treasure her Trinidad descriptions.
Earthly neighbors.
Best wishes.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blog reruns

It is Labor Day in the US where we celebrate having a job.
Here is a rerun from my early blogging.
I'm taking the day off.
Have a great fall day (or spring day south of the equator.)

Summer memories are warm and sweet. I wanted to share a poem even while fearing once I let it out I will be unable to ever outdo it in feeling and depth of myself immersed therein.

Coyote Night by Mary Gerdt * 2008 all rights reserved

When we walk down a road in the dark,
And the Coyotes are crying their mournful cry,
The smells of summer drift and hang in the valley
And little night birds chirp goodnight.
The stars peek out from the clouds of August mist
The moon hangs over the hills by home.
My memories fade to days gone by
When we looked at the nights from inside.
Now we walk on the path outside
Not afraid anymore.
While the coyotes cry.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Radio Logic

Radio Logic

I first heard Adrian Gilbert on The Art Bell Show. Late night radio where the listeners called in as well as guests who covered all kinds of subjects.

My blog is about the universe which we know consists of infinite possibilities.

Relax, sit back and check out

All that political debating will seem minor compared to the end times.