Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last Day of June

It's the last day of June

And feeling more May-like.
Pretty pleasant,
Not too hot,
Sunny days with a few rain bursts.

A photo I took of an Osprey

Monday, June 27, 2016

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Jerry Garcia Band-And It Stoned Me (11-12-91)

YouTube suggested this gem from Jerry Garcia, rip.
I added a sketch I did almost 40 years ago.
And it stoned me. :«)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Sounds

#Fracking Fighter

Meg: I got this in my email box. Rave reviews.
The Pipeline builders working double time...

From Jason...Fracking fighter extraordinaire!

I am providing you with a link to Middlebury Community Television's recording of June 14's meeting of the Middlebury Selectboard, during which I spoke about my involvement and intentions relating to the Vermont Gas pipeline project. The video recording of my comments can be viewed here:
The text that I read to the Middlebury Selectboard is included below:
My name is Jason Kaye and I live on Washington Street Extension. I am currently the chairperson of the Town Energy Committee.

For the last three and a half years, I have been deeply engaged in efforts to stop the Vermont Gas pipeline expansion project. Over this time, I have articulated my perspective to numerous iterations of the Middlebury Selectboard. Spurred by the urgency of the climate crisis and the steadfast call of "no new fossil fuel infrastructure," my opposition to this project is, perhaps surprisingly, rooted in a place of optimism.

Rooted in the notion that all people - those here in Middlebury, and those at the other end of the pipe far away from here -  can abide in a safe, healthy and affirming environment. Rooted in a better democracy, where communities themselves can deliberate and decide their approach to the projects and policies that impact them. Rooted in a healthy economy, where stability and dignity are our highest values.

For these three and a half years, I have participated in countless meetings and conference calls and strategy sessions and rallies and potlucks with friends and strangers. With younger people expanding the boundaries of our understanding of justice; with older people - some in their final days - trying to bestow to the rest of us a safe world; with landowners desperately trying to be responsible stewards of their sliver of the Earth; with moms and dads anxious over what their kids' future might look like; with clergy holding strong their faith. I have heard these people articulate truth after truth of what they are fighting for, even as they - we - fight against this pipeline.

I have taken every opportunity afforded to me to stop this project in the regulatory processes of the state of Vermont. I have spent many nights sifting through Vermont Gas' filings; scrutinizing their financial analyses; crafting and implementing legal strategies with others. I have attended regulatory hearings; I have submitted public comments; I have entered into the record sworn affidavits. I have helped to organize many others to do the same.

Two years ago, I was part of a small group that was invited to have a private meeting with Governor Shumlin, his chief of staff, and the then-Deputy Secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources. During that meeting, the Governor interrupted me as I was explaining what I was fighting for, and he made it clear that there was no way he was going to change his mind about this pipeline.

Even still, my fundamental belief in the rightness of the rule of law has kept me committed to Vermont's regulatory process. Even as Vermont Gas constructed initial segments of their pipeline, there was still an open legal avenue to stop this project, so I conceded those first few miles.

Even as the families - that took a stand on their land because of their commitment to protect something far greater - had finally succumbed to the pressure of Vermont Gas and state agencies, I was still holding onto hope that things wouldn't come to this.

There are no more legal avenues available that have a reasonable expectation of halting this project. Therefore, I am compelled by my conscience to participate in nonviolent civil disobedience as a means to sway Vermont Gas to abandon their project.

My conscience compels me, as well, to be fully accountable for my actions. One part of that accountability is due to my fellow members of the Energy Committee, with whom I shared this during our meeting last week. And another part of that accountability is due to the Selectboard, which has appointed me to serve on the Energy Committee each of the last four years. I understand that my participation in nonviolent civil disobedience may render members of the Energy Committee, or members of this Selectboard, or residents of Middlebury no longer supportive of my continued involvement with a Town committee.

I come before you tonight to explain the reasoning behind my actions, to be direct and honest about my intentions, and to be explicitly clear that I will embrace my responsibility and its consequences.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Cat Morning

Tommy hunted all night,
Spurred by a successful hunt,
He caught one little mouse,
Then let it go once in our bed.
Then a constant vigil by Tommy.
Daytime snooze

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Travelogue for the Universe: Father's Day

Travelogue for the Universe: Father's Day: I will remember that the one Sunday a year that Dad would answer the phone was Father's Day, As I held his thin frail hand, I rememb...


Friday, June 17, 2016

Raven Ridge Conservation Area, Monkton,Vermont

Raven Ridge
 Parking area Rotax Rd

 East side of Raven Ridge

Dean Mountain.

Conservation area.
They built a long access

Not ADA compliant,
Astute observations
Thanks to our neighborhood
Human services people.

Several photos for posterity.

And, can't forget..

Friday Night Musik


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tree Sitter Arrested #Fracking fighter

Update from Will...follows.
My thoughts and prayers are with Sam
And those who support him.

From Will:

Our brave tree-sitter Sam has been arrested and is currently being held at Chittenden County Correctional Center in South Burlington (conveniently located across from VGS offices!)
A small support team will be standing by to welcome Sam back upon his release, but he may be held over night. We will likely have to post bail, so if you haven't already donated to the action fund but are able to help out, please do so here:

Feel free to give me a shout if you want to come support Sam. We might be there a while.
And so much thanks and gratitude to everyone who has supported/participated in the tree sit and week of action. We really threw a wrench in their gears this time. Let's al do it again real soon!

Will Bennington802.734.9642

Monday, June 13, 2016

Legislated Irony. #Fracking breaking

Oh, Governor,
So green is your valley,
Where fossils will show,
Where the nuke plant did go,

While Addison county is Fra*cked.
The Governor forgot our backs,
Sons and daughters of pioneers,
With Fracking gaz so near,

We hope to stop the pipeline.
  Here's the only way we know how...

Shumlin will be 
signing the Solar Sighting Bill S.260 in Middlebury at 2 PM 6/13/2016
the Addison County Regional Planning Commission. Sorry for the late
notice.   S.260 was just passed on Thursday after the legislature came 
back together due to the governor's veto of bill S.230.  Thanks to our group...
for seeing an article about the bill and tomorrow's Shumlin appearance 
in Middlebury in the online version of the Addy Indy.   In the article, 
the Governor states:

“This modified legislation will allow us to continue to lead the way on 
renewable energy while giving local communities more say as we chart a 
cleaner, greener energy future together,” he said. “I look forward to 
signing it."

As Mary ( another Fracking fighter)pointed out in her voice mail message, it seems very bazaar that 
he will be signing this bill just a block or so away from where VGS is 
installing the fracked gas distribution pipeline.  The use of Fracked 
gas if a long cry from charting a cleaner, greener energy future.

I am not able to attend however others of you may be able to 
show up with some signs!!!

Knight Salve #6

After the new and improved knight salve #5,
I studied awhile.
Took Some notes and decided not to heat the ingredients at all.

I love this version.
My notes on left.
Recipe on right.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Was this comment censored by the local press?

We passed the pipeline builders,

Busy up and down our hilly valley,
Pipeline, pipeline,
Pieces here and there looks like everywhere.
My latest comment is still pending.
I will bet it never is accepted.
While some asshole who calls himself "Say What?"
Tells me to love Vermont or leave it.

My pending comment:

Editorial: GOP’s Turner sends anti-business message by politicizing S.230

Mary Gerdt
I wish Governor Shumlin cared as much about Addison County views as his home where he protested nuclear: 
Mr. Lyn favors big business pushing big solar, big wind and a Pipeline to nowhere. This threatens aesthetics, ignoring financial impacts of allowing monopoly power, unrestricted ugliness called solar farms, and the inhumane vibrations of large wind turbines, interrupting those idyllic Green Mountain views. I support Don Turner. And I expect negative comments from some of your readers. You have set the stage that you dislike Republicans. I don't care. I support Don Turner and Property Rights.

Birds of Prey

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Fracking Fighter's Dream

I found this article which found new life...

Mary Gerdt sent this old news story and I took the liberty of updating it to reflect what we are facing today.
History: NIMBY Governor

BRATTLEBORO — More than 1,200 anti-pipeline protesters flocked to the Brattleboro Common on Saturday and listened to three of the state’s top politicians — Gov. Peter Shumlin, U.S. Sen. Bernard Sanders and Attorney General William Sorrell — take turns criticizing Vermont Gas (VGS).

Sanders said that fracked gas was a dead-end source of 
Regulators from the Regulatory Commission have never said no to the pipelines
wanting to keep operating, Sanders said. “Something is wrong,” he said.
On a picture-perfect Saturday afternoon, people brought “Defend Democracy” T-shirts and anti-fracked gas buttons, listened to Afro-beat music and watched street performer “Will Nukem” before the state’s political top guns took over.  All three said Vermont was in a battle for state’s rights, and that Vermont should be able to determine that it didn’t want a fracked gas pipeline within its borders, safety issues aside. And they said it was clear that the “power of corporations and their money” was prevailing over what they said was grassroots democracy that wanted the project shut down and dismantled. Shumlin, a lifelong Putney resident who represented Windham County before being elected governor two years ago, said  VGS had broken promise after promise to the citizens of the state, state government and the Vermont Legislature since it started this pipeline project over 3 years ago. “Thank you for standing up to Gaz Metro,” Shumlin said. “We will retire Vermont Gas right now with your help. ‘‘VGS has gone back on its word time and time again, and its history in Vermont is littered with broken promises,’’ said Shumlin to loud applause. He said the state would continue to push to shut down Vermont Gas. “If you do business in Vermont, you keep your word,” he said. VGS applied for an extension of its original state certificate of public good in 2013 from the Public Service Board, but that proceeding has been on hold for more than three years The Public Service Board should reopen the case, and  start from scratch since much of the testimony is stale. But that didn’t stop Shumlin from rallying the crowd in favor of an immediate cancellation of the Certificate of Public Good (CPG). How many in the crowd had Vermont driver’s licenses, the governor wanted to know. A vast majority held up their hands. “How many would drive without their license?” Shumlin asked. Only a few held up their hands. “That’s the situation with VGS, aka Gaz Metro/ Enbridge,”Shumlin said. Shumlin said later that he had met personally with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo about New York joining the Vermont suit against the gas industry in some way. Cuomo has said publicly that he wants no fracking in NY state. Shumlin, who made national news on Friday for his bare tale of eluding four bears raiding his backyard birdfeeders, made light of the story, joking that the bears “came from VGS.” One protester held a “Bear Up Guv” sign in the crowd, while most of the signs called for VGS’ immediate shutdown. Dozens of “VGS evacuation zone” signs were on the scene, a reference that the rally was being held within the 10-mile evacuation zone that surrounds the pipeline.. “We are demanding justice for an agreement made 40 years ago,” said Sanders, who drew the loudest cheers. He said the state had the right to determine a “safe energy future for our kids and grandkids.” Regulators from the Regulatory Commission have never said no to
the pipelines wanting to keep operating, Sanders said. “Something is wrong,” he said. Sanders said that fracked gas was a dead-end source of power, and that the state should be commended for taking on a big state’s rights legal fight. Sorrell, who is heading up the state’s fight in the federal court system, asked the crowd, “Does democracy need defending?”  “You bet it does,” he said. The attorney general, who is running for reelection and faces a primary challenge in August, said U.S. District Judge J. Garvan Murtha has set some very dangerous legal precedents that went far beyond fracked gas pipeline issues. Saturday’s rally was the 40th anti-pipeline demonstration in Vermont in three years, but unlike a rally and march on VGS corporate offices, no one was arrested. Organizers from a new coalition of about a dozen anti-pipeline groups in the region, said it was important to show that people are unhappy with VGS’ operation of and its continued abuse of public rights. Organizers estimated the crowd at between 1,500 and 2,000 people. mary martin CNN (Cornwall News

Quick Ledges and Rocks research

I'm obsessed about the ledges as natural phenomena as old as dinosaurs.
These close by rocks seem to be worth over 500 k.;0

The value of Monkton Vermont rocks:

For Mother Earth. We oppose #Fracking, #fracked gas pipelines

In Monkton,Vermont, 

We voted against#fracked gas

Then came the Gas Men.
And the town said, come on.
And the state said, no problem.

The people said No!

And the Gas Men said blow up the ledges.

The people said No!

And a friend of Mother Earth kept a vigil.

Update from the group,
Posted yesterday, June 8th...
Please help if you can.

Hi friends,

Early this morning, Sam Jessup climbed 60 feet into the treetops above an active pipeline construction site in Monkton. Sam has put his life on the line, as his platform is anchored to the hydraulic arm of a dynamite drill rig. Any tampering with the machine or the rope puts Sam in immediate danger.

His support team has been removed from the area but he remains in high spirits, with enough warm clothes, food, water, and reading material to last him for many days. We do not know whether or not the County Sheriff will try to forcibly extract him. Due to the nature of the blockade, extraction would be complicated and involved. Sam's courageous action is preventing VGS's hired destruction crews from blasting the hillside away and building the fracked gas pipeline. Support these crucial efforts!

Tomorrow evening, June 9th...we're gathering as many people as we can to give Sam a parade and some song, and to let him (and VGS, and the police) know that we're all paying close attention to his powerful and effective actions. If we have enough people, we might be able to get him a care package. Can you make it out to Monkton at 6pm tomorrow (Thursday)? We are meeting Nate and Jane Palmer's place at 986 Rotax Road. Let me know if you can make it or support.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Breaking #fracking News... Occupy the Earth

Hello again!
The week of action against the pipeline is continuing strong, as Sam Jessup has scaled a tree on an active VT Gas work site to begin yet another indefinite delay. Sam, a timber frame carpenter and Montpelier resident, is the third person in the last ten weeks to have stopped construction through a tree top occupation. This time, he has tied the support line of his platform to machinery meant to blast open the hillside where Vermont Gas Systems plans to build the fracked gas pipeline.
Sam said that he took this action because he understands that the climate crisis is already deadly, and it's only getting worse. "Each passing month there are new records set for heat and drought across the planet, and with each passing year, fossil fuels kill five million more people. We simply can't afford to let this pipeline get built." [1]
His blockade begins just two days after dozens of pipeline protesters delayed work for 8 hours at three different construction sites on Monday, ending in five arrests. [2]
This movement is growing, and it needs all of us. If you can support Sam by coming out to Monkton today or throughout the week, call us at 831-535-2261. If you can’t make it in person, but would like to support financially, please donate to the action fund.
With inspiration,
Molly for Rising Tide VT

1) Sam was referring to a 2012 study by the research group DARA International:

Rising Tide Vermont
Twitter: @RisingtideVT

Mary Gerdt's notes: blasting ledges 

About Monkton's Geologic Resources:

  • Monkton, Vermont - the Chapin Marble Prospect (from Commercial Marbles of Western Vermont, Bulletin 521, by T. Nelson Dale, United States Geological Survey, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., 1912.)
    “The same dolomite marbles crop out between the two quarries last described, on the farm of L. O. Chapin, of Bristol, Vt. ”
  • Monkton, Vermont - the Columbian Marble Co.’s Monkton Marble Quarry (from Commercial Marbles of Western Vermont, Bulletin 521, by T. Nelson Dale, United States Geological Survey, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., 1912.)
    “The Monkton quarry of the Columbian Marble Co. is 0.6 mile S. 32° W. of the Vermont Marble Co.’s quarry, on the south side of the east-west crossroads in the same township. The opening is about 20 feet square and 5 to 10 feet deep and has been long disused.
    “The marble is identical with that of the Vermont Marble Co.’s quarry. The weathered parts have a muddy gray color. The beds strike north, dip 45° E., and show many minor fractures along the bedding.”
  • Monkton, Vermont - the Jimmo Marble Prospect (from Commercial Marbles of Western Vermont, Bulletin 521, by T. Nelson Dale, United States Geological Survey, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., 1912.)
    “The Jimmo prospect is in Bristol Township 1 ¼ miles west-southwest of the Bristol bench mark. (See map of Middlebury quadrangle, U. S. Geol. Survey.) Owner, Harry Jimmo, Bristol, Vt.
    “The marble (specimen D, XXXI, 67, a) is a quartzose hematitic dolomite marble of deep-pink color, differing from that of the Monkton quarries and prospects by its less conspicuous mottling and deeper shade. It has films of sericite. The thickness exposed is 8 feet.”
  • Monkton, Vermont - the Vermont Marble Co.’s Monkton Marble Quarry (from Commercial Marbles of Western Vermont, Bulletin 521, by T. Nelson Dale, United States Geological Survey, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., 1912.)
    “The dolomite of Monkton has been described on page 45. It belongs apparently to the dolomite which underlies the calcite marbles. The only quarry operated in recent years was idle in 1910.
    “The dolomite of Monkton has been described on page 45. It belongs apparently to the dolomite which underlies the calcite marbles. The only quarry operated in recent years was idle in 1910.
    The Monkton quarry of the Vermont Marble Co. is at the west foot of the so-called Hogback Mountains, really the west flank of the Green Mountain range, about 1 ½ miles north-northeast of East Monkton and 6 miles N. 10° W. of Bristol, in Monkton Township, Addison County. (See map of Middlebury quadrangle, U. S. Geol. Survey.) The opening is 30 by 15 feet and 5 feet deep. The quarry is not now used, the company having withdrawn the marble from the market.
    “The beds exposed consist of about 270 feet of dolomite. The marble, “Ruvaro” (specimens D, XXXI, 63, a fresh; d, weathered), is a mottled pink and white quartzose hematitic dolomite marble. It contains thin beds of sericite and quartz (specimens D, XXXI, 63, b, c). Descriptions of these will be found on page 45.
    “The dolomite strikes N. 25° -30° W., dips 30° -40° W., and is crossed by slip cleavage dipping 40° E. and in places by close east-west joints dipping steeply to the north. About 315 feet east of the dolomite is an outcrop of quartzite, slightly calcareous in places, striking N. 15° W. and dipping at a steep angle to the west, crossed by cleavage dipping 60° E. A little farther south, at the head of a brook flowing southward, dolomite and quartzite are in contact, both rocks for the depth of a foot dipping steeply to the east, whether by faulting or minor overturned folding is not evident.
    “This marble was polished by the company and sold for decorative use.”


Locust Morning Revisited

3 years ago 
I captured some photos of our
Blooming Black Locusts.
Today the trees are shedding their petals,
Appearing for a moment
More like snow.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mom's favorite Kahlil Gibran poem excerpt:

Mom's Dad died when she was 5.
86 years ago today.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lightnin' Hopkins - Woke Up This Morning

Come One, Come All, Stopping #Fracking is our Goal

***Please Forward Widely***

Hey all,
We hope we'll be seeing many of you this weekend for the action training, and on Monday for the big action to shut down VGS and their dirty fracked gas pipeline!

The training will be held at Common Ground Center in Starksboro. It is located at 473 Tatro Road, Starksboro VT. Here are directions from many locations. There is plenty of parking available on-site; let us know if you need a ride, or can offer one. You can call 802.448.2122

Saturday begins at 2 with an Intro to Direct Action Training. Sunday will have some more technical training, role-specific training (legal, police liaison, media/spokesperson, etc.) and action role-playing.
Monday we'll take action to stop the pipeline and stand up for our communities!

Action on Monday
It's going to be fun! If you can't join us Sunday in Starksboro, meet at Vermont Gas' offices, 85 Swift St, South Burlington at 6 am.
Housing and Food
We have cabin and tent platform space available in Starksboro. Please bring your own sleeping bag, pad, and anything else you need to be comfortable.
We will be serving lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast, lunch and dinner Sunday. And, of course, something for breakfast on Monday!
Also, we'd greatly appreciate any financial contributions you can make to help with the costs of this weekend. But everyone is welcome regardless of ability to pay!
You can donate online here:
Or you can donate at the training when you register!

Will B.