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Thursday, June 9, 2016

For Mother Earth. We oppose #Fracking, #fracked gas pipelines

In Monkton,Vermont, 

We voted against#fracked gas

Then came the Gas Men.
And the town said, come on.
And the state said, no problem.

The people said No!

And the Gas Men said blow up the ledges.

The people said No!

And a friend of Mother Earth kept a vigil.

Update from the group,
Posted yesterday, June 8th...
Please help if you can.

Hi friends,

Early this morning, Sam Jessup climbed 60 feet into the treetops above an active pipeline construction site in Monkton. Sam has put his life on the line, as his platform is anchored to the hydraulic arm of a dynamite drill rig. Any tampering with the machine or the rope puts Sam in immediate danger.

His support team has been removed from the area but he remains in high spirits, with enough warm clothes, food, water, and reading material to last him for many days. We do not know whether or not the County Sheriff will try to forcibly extract him. Due to the nature of the blockade, extraction would be complicated and involved. Sam's courageous action is preventing VGS's hired destruction crews from blasting the hillside away and building the fracked gas pipeline. Support these crucial efforts!

Tomorrow evening, June 9th...we're gathering as many people as we can to give Sam a parade and some song, and to let him (and VGS, and the police) know that we're all paying close attention to his powerful and effective actions. If we have enough people, we might be able to get him a care package. Can you make it out to Monkton at 6pm tomorrow (Thursday)? We are meeting Nate and Jane Palmer's place at 986 Rotax Road. Let me know if you can make it or support.


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