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Monday, June 13, 2016

Legislated Irony. #Fracking breaking

Oh, Governor,
So green is your valley,
Where fossils will show,
Where the nuke plant did go,

While Addison county is Fra*cked.
The Governor forgot our backs,
Sons and daughters of pioneers,
With Fracking gaz so near,

We hope to stop the pipeline.
  Here's the only way we know how...

Shumlin will be 
signing the Solar Sighting Bill S.260 in Middlebury at 2 PM 6/13/2016
the Addison County Regional Planning Commission. Sorry for the late
notice.   S.260 was just passed on Thursday after the legislature came 
back together due to the governor's veto of bill S.230.  Thanks to our group...
for seeing an article about the bill and tomorrow's Shumlin appearance 
in Middlebury in the online version of the Addy Indy.   In the article, 
the Governor states:

“This modified legislation will allow us to continue to lead the way on 
renewable energy while giving local communities more say as we chart a 
cleaner, greener energy future together,” he said. “I look forward to 
signing it."

As Mary ( another Fracking fighter)pointed out in her voice mail message, it seems very bazaar that 
he will be signing this bill just a block or so away from where VGS is 
installing the fracked gas distribution pipeline.  The use of Fracked 
gas if a long cry from charting a cleaner, greener energy future.

I am not able to attend however others of you may be able to 
show up with some signs!!!

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