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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time (again)

Time (again)

It was not so much that I knew more about time or that I feel like some sort of expert,
to be truthful, I really know nothing about time.

That being said, my time lord disclaimer.
No Dr Who here.

It was some scribblings I saw that were done by ? was it my Grandfather Carl?
He wrote about Time.
Wish I could talk to him about what he knew, the paper so 2 dimensional, I wanted to see him, his passion. I wanted to hear him speak, and he died 80 something years ago.

or did he?

And that is where Time gets "funny" (odd funny, not funny funny).

As I ponder all the photos of the universe on the astronomy pic of the day,
what is Time in this whole equation?

Where are we all in the mix, we fragile short lived humans?

I still believe we travel on Time, and to me it looks like a parking garage, or a spiral spring, =(bear with me)
Which is where the deja vu thing come in.
Ok, you might be lost on this.

Time is established by human minds to explain where we are.
We need to catch our bearings, make sense of our surroundings.
We need a framework.

And I have to believe that we never get through things/challenges/difficulties.
Did you ever notice you can try try again and still get no different outcome?
Are you really farther along in time?
Or just on a different level of the parking garage?

And some believe reincarnation always gets better with age...
and I believe we are always infants and masters.

If this is too much for you to accept or assimilate,
just give it a little


  1. You ask Big questions. Then again, what is spatial dimension?

  2. Thanks Judy (as always..)for your thoughtful comments. Have a :>m


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