Astronomy Picture of the Day

Sunday, July 29, 2012

For Mom


The Rose of Sharon is blooming

Swallow 7.27.2012
The swallows are on the line

tonight we saw an impressive cloud over the lake

Everywhere is something I wanted to tell you today

let this tell you
you are in our hearts
and minds
and we will love you forever
Forever and more


  1. Mom, I wish you the best always. Love, Mary

  2. This is so the cloud pic

  3. Thanks Mary & Kim for stopping by & commenting. We heard Mom had passed in the afternoon. Then later we heard a deep rumble of thunder. It was this cloud and another isolated thunderhead cloud over the mountains. Clear blue sky day. Fred & I both felt signs all day. Mom is free from the pain of the material world, and I pray she is free to travel with all of her people she longed to see again. Best wishes, mary


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