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Friday, July 20, 2012

Interview with a Clone Chapter 15

Interview with a Clone Chapter 15

By Mary E. Gerdt 2012

all rights reserved

The Cosmic Wind

The Cosmic Wind surrendered after the mighty magnetic blast ripped through the planet’s atmosphere.

The settlers were in complete shock.

They cautiously emerged from their shelters,

They stood together,

In the open and sunshine again after 4 months.

They were in awe at the stillness,

The echo of the roar of the wind, the recent memories,

still haunting them.

Running their memories back just a few minutes.

“What happened? Was all you heard.

In chains of people, they would ask, never answer.

It was as if some entity had intervened

On their behalf.

They were mostly all scientists here, on this Martian desert.

Some chosen to colonize Mars, would have no family,

no personality, no emotion, like anger or glee.

Some were Workaholic science junkies with only time for experiments,

Calculated life experiences.

There was a committee responsible for the Chosen,

as the colonists would be called.

That committee weighed heavily certain personality traits

some were Uncommon for survival.

Unlike former astronauts who were drawn from pools of military veterans and rockets test pilots, there were no wars. A small military contingent protected security and often had quiet boring shifts. There likewise was no commercial flight to speak of. The aging glut of 100 plus meant people stayed put and had virtual vacations, experiences in personal caves of enjoyment, techno travel, self stimulation suits and virtual experience chambers.

The scientists and some extremely wealthy people were among

The Chosen as well as some military people like Gigi Fairweather.

Gigi saw it as a pre-retirement cake walk.

Mars travel had been established for over twenty years.

The life pods and communities took a great deal of work to

build. Cargo, ships, ferries with laborers, some prisoners, some volunteers. Some died on the journeys from ignorant mistakes,

outbreaks of violence or medical issues that were unanticipated.

Eventually The Chosen trickled in, on cargo ships.

A few quit when they got there, turned around and rode the year trip back.

They would not have another chance to leave for 2 years.

At the times of the Cargo ship’s arrival, there was a restlessness among a few ambivalent settlers. The knowing there is a chance of going home,

back to Earth. There were even Earth Songs, sung by settlers,

Now silently mouthed in secret after the ban. The settlers were not supposed to want to leave.

Some settlers were completely content here. The simplicity, no choices,

Simple work, a mostly automated lifestyle. The scientists could experiment to their heart’s content. The ex-prisoner service people kept everyone fed and the quarters cleaned and maintained in exchange for freedom. The other Chosen ones were mysterious with private quarters in a remote pod community beyond the desert flats near a hill overseeing the giant desert floor.

The security guards reviewed the recordings of the magnetic blast.

It was invisible to their human eyes. Sensors covered a broad spectrum, however, and yet they could not measure the level of magnetic blast that occurred. They were stunned, not sure what to report. The guards were all concerned about their young wives, all pregnant, (the colonization orders had begun). They wondered what was next, was this an attack?

They had lost touch with the Earth since the Wind started.

A scratchy voice began,…”Hello Mars…”

The guard responded, “Earth…Are you there?”

“10-4 Mars Station, welcome back…We delivered a blast of magnetic ion bundles to stop the wind.

We saw from Earth that It was pummeling you guys.”

The guard affirmed and proceeded with debriefing per protocol after a disaster or odd occurrence. This qualified as both.

Gigi checked on all the security protocols at the Command level.

She would review all the responses by staff and military supports and report back to Earth Command once she finished her report.

She fell into her training which was a temporary diversion from the reality. They would have to wait at least a year for the rescue pods.

The Cosmic Wind had caused interference in communications and space travel for the past 4 months.

This caused them to miss the necessary orbital position for successful travel from Earth to Mars.

And nothing could possibly get them home any faster, to their Earth home that is.

The Settlers needed a diversion in this time of waiting.

They would all be taken off this Martian experimental colony and most vowed never to return.

There were several, Gigi included, who secretly wanted to stay, who found her true bliss in loneliness. She would find a way to stay, even as she tried to keep the Settlers focused on the trip home.

That was the day she decided to reach out to Alice Karma again.

The resumption of communication was intoxicating. Gigi announced on the general com system, “Gigi Fairweather here… Hope you are all OK after the Storm…Be present at Oh One Hundred and I will try to make contact with someone I think you will find fascinating. We are expecting to be rescued in 165 mars days. Until then, I am hosting a weekly show and if you come to the com and applaud loud enough, we could convince the woman, a very special one of a kind woman, would she be our weekly co host for counting down to the arrival of “Ark“.

And with a roar of applause,

So began the one year show,

Interview with a Clone,
with Gigi on Mars, and Alice on Earth.

The Evil Cosmic Winds on Mars were disintegrated by a manmade packet of magnetism.

All while Alice sunned herself on the beach on Earth just before her phone rang.

It was a strange day indeed.






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