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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Break in the heat

A cold front crashed in yesterday PM and wiped away the icky hot weather we really do not like. Still after VA, summer will not feel hot again for awhile up here. Like Fred said, the Sun is not as intense "up" here in VT.
The plants and weeds are in stiff competition and the rain we got perked everbody up that did not get beaten down (minor damage).
As we know the next thing after a good rain is the bugs hatch.
The swallows' first brood are on the lines and second brood cooking. Soon they will all fly far away.
I believe they are bigger and more plentiful because there are so few bats.
The locust trees never blossomed. We have no apples, pears this year.
We are watching the garden grow and also enjoying the break in the heat.


  1. Here also we'll be getting more heat this weekend, it been nice getting outside a bit! Hope your able to stay cool. Mary

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mary! Hope it gets cooler in your neck of the woods! mary


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