Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Storms & Astronauts

I was eager

to get online to write my blog post.
The thunderheads had risen so high in the sky, ever expanding.
Then the cold wind pressed down on that brief spell of hot heavy humid air. The cold front pushed away the heat.
Then the Thunder started, heavy shaking thunder, no lightning at first.
Then the storm progressed, coming up against the house in waves.
The lightning and thunder impressive.
The air cleared and the windows were back open.

The evening news said Sally Ride died.
It was so sad to think her life was done.
She influenced so many women to be scientists
and astronauts.
Nasa did a bio with condolences.Link below.
My condolences to Sally Ride's family & friends.
She was a great role model, astronaut, physicist, teacher, and person.

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