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Monday, August 22, 2011

Themes of Pain

themes of pain

there is the pain
our aches,
our pains

some block the pain,
the theme,
the pattern
of pains,
what does it mean?

when i cannot,
block the pain out,
and I read how others
i am reminded
that my theme
empathy & sympathy,

that it means when
i have a pain there,
or there,
another does too,
or much worse,

and yet,
i can never quite explain,
through prose, photos or
broken poetry,
someone else
say it does not hurt,
and yet another
has no pain.


  1. Is it that we are not the same?
    That we all see the same but feel it differently.

  2. I am not sure. I want to think yes. Some people I find are more resistant to pain's effects? High pain tolerance. And I love that you commented this! I was also trying to say, look at your pain, is there a pattern? Can you stop it? Then, if you cannot, can you see how others might have a different pain level and different response...Thanks! Mary

  3. I have been trying to understand this thing called pain describe what I have thought very well! I have pain but is this what others describe??

  4. Thanks, also to, Kim for the feedback. mary

  5. I love the words.

    I have physical pain but of late I have been having more emotional pain. I am not sure if it is the MS are all those darn drugs I am taking. I am seeing my head doctor next week and It may go over the normal 50 minutes.

  6. Thanks Nicole for your comments. I think sometimes pain is trying to tell us something. To me, emotional pain is much deeper. mary

  7. Mary,
    The way I see pain, it gets in my way, so I push it behind me and work around it, as best as I can. The pattern I see is that by doing this too often, sooner or later the pain ends up stopping me. As for different response Oh goodness I really do hope so! The level of pain is different for everyone, but in a way it's also the same no matter what your pain tolerance is, we all reach our individual limit, judging anyone else's pain by my own just can't be done unless I lived inside of their body how could I judge! Being resistant to pain's effects, ends up causing more damage because, a person can't feel it until it's so damage it can no longer be fixed!That's what I've learned, anyway. Mary K.

  8. Thanks again, Mary. I agree all the way. People who have been taught to or who naturally supress pain will see it come out another way. I love all you said. Others feel that way too, it is good to know that. Have a pain free day, or diminished at least. mary

  9. Thank you and my hope is that you'll have the same. Have a great weekend ;)


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