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Monday, August 1, 2011


Silent Morning

It was an eerie feeling,
what was missing,
it was a silent morning,
Summer Peak.

No dull roar sounds
of the cars and trucks,
on the road 5 miles away,
like there used to be.

The birds sounded louder
in the backyard
and that is because the
cars had stopped.

I recorded a small piece there,
In the backyard,
because I thought,
this all could change.

The birds were singing
by a background noise they knew.

The birds worked around
what humans gave them,
cars or not,
they did not care.

But to me then,
in my backyard,
I held the tranquil
silent morn.

Never thought that
the hills would darken,
thought the light would
ever gain in strength.

Thought the roads would gain
ad infinitum,
forever on.

So this silent,
silent morning,
save the songbirds,
making song.

Enjoy this tranquil,
quiet moment,
Silent Morning,
Come along.


  1. You took me there to that special moment. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Judy. Have a great day! mary

  3. oh what joy for the sense of sound. thank you for sharing.

    daily athens

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Robert. have a great day.mary

  5. Thanks for stopping by Sherry. Have a great week revelling in whatever you like best! mary


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