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Monday, August 8, 2011

The 20 K

The 20 K

not a race,
nor a destination.
It is about the number of post views I have had so far,
it is two times the number
of people
in the town
where I lived
while I was growing up,
growing older
unable to go on just being

I thought the words
would come out harder,
thought I would struggle,
strain and stress.

Through the days since I have started,
I wanted to tell a tale,
of a common girl.

In and out of Hell
and Heaven,
Travelers all
like the ones she follows,
Walk a strange long dim lit hall.

Sharing life's good and bad days,
Hoping your day can be so bright,
from the light upon this pathway,
when you visit,
do come back.

mary, travelogue for the universe,
at about the 20k mark


  1. congrat's Mary.

    Isn't it fascinating seeing cyber space bring 'visitors' dropping in from all sorts of pockets of the our little world, whether by accident or design - isn't it astonishing? :))

  2. Thanks so much Che! I am amazed at the visitors and how I have met great people like yourself. Astonishing is the word. Herrad has been a great catalyst for my universe. She is a social Net-Superhero! Have a great day! mary


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