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Friday, August 5, 2011

Mars re-run

Re reun of my post from a few years ago that I did on my original archived blog.
C'mon, is this water on mars thing really new?
martian name: Aryanna

The Red Planet

is now more desirable because they just found


and now the real estate futures marketeers are studying how to lay out the subdivisions and lakes and infrastructures of the yet to be exploited

red planet

What is an expected mystery?

What is the meaning of water on Mars? It becomes clearer when you know for sure. But then, I've always known for sure that Mars must have water, a sister planet to Earth our present house.

Isn't it great the Nasa equipment on Mars didn't break down? Not like the stuff we buy on Earth. I wish it would start when we want it to and there's always something breaking down.

This is the last day of July and that puts me into a blissful August panic. The beans would come soon and then everything will start ripening and the animals, bugs and diseases will try to eat some of our bounty. I was fortunate to weed the beans last weekend although it forced me to hit the pillow early that night.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the real estate guide to mars.

But think about how in your lifetime perhaps there will be such a website and people will travel to the red planet and vacation by some of the pooled water under a solar canopy and fish for exotic species and good old fashioned ice cream made from synthetic proteins and maple syrup from Vermont.

A few things just can't be replicated.

May you discover an expected mystery of your dreams.

mary (the martian by zodiac sign)

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  1. Hmmm...well it would really add a lot of travel time to our family visits if we bought a condo up on Mars...but you know if the price is right it might be worth it? (tee hee)

  2. Could be the new hip destination? Nice thoughts, Have a great day! mary


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