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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Media and the Truth

At first I was a little put out we (VT) were not on the national news last Sunday.
We saw Irene heading for the Hudson.
We felt the pressure drop
(you know that weird feeling you get when the barometric pressure falls...)
But the Truth is,
we knew we were in for a bad storm.
No media had to tell me.
A friend described the absolute
of the animals right before.
I remembered the night before,
the strange white glow (looked like snow)
on  the backyard during the early evening
and looking up, it was reflected light from the high silvery cirrus clouds.

We watched the storm and did the traditional
"hunker down",
which we have done many times on this old hill.
Meanwhile, I saw those cars out driving here or there,
not a care in the world.

So this morning,
I hear that the national media is
saying we have stranded people and
we do.

Vermonters are also different.

Tenacity, is a good starter word,
tough as nails,
deep down
not afraid of hard work,
raised in hardships,
working for tomorrow,
hoping it will be
a better day.

I do believe some Vermonters
are stranded,

and some are

helpless, hopeless, without any support.

the media,
in their passive armchair QB style,
and at the same time,
the Truth
Vermonters need
and a whole lot of
money and time.

Oh yes, and pray again today
for the victims.

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  1. Vermonters have been hit hard and I like how you described them....they will survive. It is weird how it feels with those storms


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