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Thursday, August 11, 2011

For Fred I

For Fred Imus

Suddenly gone,

He was,

A familiar voice,

Kindred soul.

Seemed like I knew him from


His voice was a balancing force

Against his brother,

A spirit like his,

Only different.

He was the younger?

Still surprised,

He seemed older by his


Country street


Corny jokes?

A wellspring there,

My cringing face


In his satire,



Like the old ones that I visit,
(and me, getting older each day),

He got the wish we nearly all have,

To die peacefully in one’s sleep,

To exit quietly this life they have had,

Yet to those around them,

A shock,

No saying goodbye,

Only hazy and happy memories,

Of a man

Who was

Suddenly gone.

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