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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Silver Lake

Silver Lake,
is a beautiful little quiet lake tucked away in a fold of the Green Mountains.
We had a staff meeting there
and some fresh air, fresh outlook, fresh foods,
and fine conversation with the other long term care nurses in the state.
We all help try to keep people at home when we can,
and when we cannot, we try to improve the system.

Silver Lake,
a shimmering silvery reflection, I was trying to catch on film, er, data chip.
Of course my chip was home in my laptop where I forgot it.
My camera was only amenable to one photo and
that one trapped in my camera due to the cable is somewhere else.

Silver Lake,
we sat by its shimmering waters,
and never felt Vermont's the largest earthquake of the century.
That is some solid ledge.
We had no cell phone coverage, no outside signals.
Just sunshine, perfect air, the sounds of kids running on docks
and jumping into
Silver lake.

go visit a Vermont state park.
some of the prettiest places on the planet.


  1. Sounds gorgeous but can it be as pretty as Georgia?? ~grin~
    Glad you enjoyed it and I forget camera stuff too

  2. Kim: Georgia is Beautiful for sure! I am biased and the cool air here (70 degrees f. & virtually no humidity)is a plus.
    Judy and Kim, it is so pretty and no motor boats, etc. made it even nicer. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day by your favorite lake! mary


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