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Thursday, August 4, 2011

revenue blues

revenue blues

some call it taxes,
some cannot pay,
some call it revenue,
to hide what they say,

some want to shirk them,
others pay their share,
others have a billion
don't even want to share,

I got those blues....
those low down, not a dime more in my pocket blues,
got that low down taxing problem,
got them old old revenue blues.

The tea party started first
a long long time ago
when we were taxed too high,
the tea it had to go....
into the river...
a long long time ago,

now am thinking about the taxes,
and wondering how to pay,
the man says we don't have a choice,
or we'll take your land away,

and I pay them at the pump you know,
i pay it at the food store,
then when that april come around, they'll want a little more,

that is,
that's the price you got to pay,
for living in this freedom,
got the revenue blues today.............


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