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Monday, August 15, 2011

Rules, rules and more rules...Do you own your land?

Rules, Rules, and more rules.

No sensibility, no sensible person would set up a system like Vermont's "Act 250"...
it was no doubt a lawyer looking for job security.
Buried in the judge's papers (press link in this article by Law of the Lang Blog (awesome!)
are even words to the effect that the process is not supposed to be so complicated,
makes you dizzy!

I cringed at reading what the judge wrote,
knowing the costs of lawyering.
Every line, more money that the victims had to spend to
clarify the process.
All they wanted to do is open a gift shop,
can it be this complicated???

reform now,
you do not own your property,
you cannot afford the legal costs to defend it,
not everybody is a lawyer-ly like Thomas Jefferson....


  1. Too many rules, I agree! Lawyers do seem to rule the world...

  2. You start to see a pattern. Thanks for stopping by, Kim! Have a great day! mary

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