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Monday, August 29, 2011

She's Gone


is a W..itch
that came through
 last night
after raising cain

Now She's Gone,
the sun is out,
and many in vermont and elsewhere
are suffering.

We had the good fortune to
be safe and on higher ground,
tree limbs and leaves on the ground,
but nothing more serious.

I hope those harmed by this
w*tch-y hurricane
heal soon,
am so glad
She's Gone.


  1. This is a post that I agree with totally! I am glad you are ok

  2. The energy felt must have been amazing.

    Glad you are safe. Please have a good Tuesday.

  3. I'm glad you are okay. I came to check on you. A lot of Alex's family is up in that area. They fared well. CT, Albany and NH. A cousin of mine in NC. A friend in NYC and NJ. Sheesh, I had the whole coastline to worry over!

    It is a sad mess to see....

  4. Thanks friends for stopping by! The storm was exciting and scary. Bad floods in many Vermont towns. mary


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